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  1. especially when in cookies...

  2. happy birthday (it's been said before, though )
  3. hi! good to see you on the forum!

  4. intresting..... hmmmm..... nice pic

  5. well i did had a hell of a good time ..so i guess it did worth it...^^

  6. that's what you get chucky :P

  7. Kinda makes you look like the Son of that God...whatshisname. XD

  8. thanks for the wishes nebin ...have a great day ..and you'll never gonna catch me ...hahaha

  9. *sings* happy birtday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to madalina happy birthday to you
  10. thank you (all of you) and grido, i am in no way little just so you know
  11. thank you - but i didn't draw that myself (i couldn't draw that if my life depended on it)

  12. who doesn't love beatles ?^^

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