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    As distance grows between us
    I could only set you free,
    like a driftwood floating
    to the sea

    So they say time waits for no one
    is it something I must fear?
    For wait’s too long
    to be so near

    I would keep on believing
    on the promises we’ve laid
    I would keep on reminiscing
    There’s more than I could say

    As the time become so precious
    I would come to realize,
    that persistence pays for
    all I’ve cried

    And I know that you’ll be with me,
    and the sun will soon arise
    And by then I know
    I’ve gained the price

    But by then I’d keep pretending
    and I’m holding on just tight
    I’ll forget the flight of seasons
    for I know I’ll win this fight

    No one rocks my cradle of tranquility
    No one breaks the ties that we’ve sworn to be
    No one rolls my center of eternity
    Cause you’ll always be my sanctuary

    *This is something I wrote about how i feel inside the sanctuary - which is being free. Free in the sense that you know that you cannot be hurt, where you will be untouched, and that this place is my resting ground*
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