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  1. Keep the Faith brother. I am still recovering from my accident which happened two weeks ago I tell you that prayers are heard. God has other plans for you I know. Just keep hanging in there and you'll make it through. Signed, Rockistah
  2. Since I can’t do much right now (because of my broken leg), I thought of writing some thoughts about love since it’s Valentines Day. Happy Valentines Day to everyone by the way. Simple Thoughts of LOVE Don’t you ever wonder why some Love grow and why some Love fail no matter how hard you try to work things out? Isn’t it disconcerting to hear that Love encompasses all that is good and yet realize that sometimes Love just ain’t enough? What’s Love anyway? Some say that Love has no definition only existence others claim otherwise. Love is sometimes hard to put into words since it varies f
  3. A dear friend died. I almost too. I survived. And Now I am back!

  4. To my Protector, a Happy happy birthday to you. May you stay the same way as you are when I first met you at the realm. Rock and Roll. \m/
  5. [b]The Death of a Rocker (and my second life)[/b] It was a happy afternoon at the beach. We had lots of fun. There were several drinks that day. It was an abrupt decision last January 30 that instead of going to the National Band Competition (Red Horse Muziklaban Grand Finals), we decided to go to La Union and take a vacation there instead. It was a Band outing. We took the bus and went our way. Once there, we took a long rest because the next day, we will be performing at Toffer's little sister's Junior - Senior Prom. Toffer is the lead guitarist of our Band and is my closest among the ba
  6. I feel sorry about what happened brother but as Ladytwin mentioned, don't lose hope. I guess it's just not the right time for both of you to have one but somebody UP there knows when. PS. I have experienced losing my baby during the 2nd pregnancy of my wife. It was hard to accept but as life goes on, wounds get healed, and we were ready to have one again. Currently I have two kids now.
  7. Hey Aeo! It's sad to hear you're leaving MD. Even for a short time that I have played with you, especially when we see each other at DQ, I will miss you. Good Luck on your RL career. PS. Hope you remember me as the guy who wondered what your name really means. Signed, Rockistah
  8. Happy Birthday Bro.

    Rak En RoL!

  9. Greetings! Creating a brotherhood is a nice idea but having little ideas is not a good one. First of all, as far as I know, When creating a brotherhood or a group, That group must have a mission/Vision or something and most especially the Goal of that group. Questions may arise like, What benefit will the players have if they join the group? What will they gain from joining such group? What does the group stand for? Camaraderie and friendship is mostly one of the benefits you get from joining any group. But its not enough to create it. What factors does the group have that players might ge
  10. Age is as of Day 8 Year 5 Creatures from MD Shop Imperial Aramor x2 (Age: 37) -----(Best Offer: 3 SC each by Grim Angel) [s]Pimped Grasan (Age: 12)[/s] ----------------SOLD [s]BP Archer (Age: 12)[/s]---------------------SOLD [s]BP Archwe (Age: 14)[/s]---------------------SOLD Colored Joker (Age: 21)----(Best Offer: 2 SC by Grim Angel) Creatures 100+ Age with tokens Heretic Archer (Age: 119 with Token - Claw I) Heretic Archer (Age: 119 with Token - Claw II) Elemental (Age: 119 with Tokens - blackdiamonds & Claw I) Elemental (Age: 123 with Token - bl
  11. Greetings! I've tried the code that I used on my friendster account and it is working on my comments on self page. Below is the format of the code: [quote]<embed src="filename.ext" width="x" height="x" autoplay="x" hidden="x" loop="x" volume="x"></embed>[/quote] Replace the value of the src with the file path of the song. Below is the code that I have on my comments on self page. [quote]<embed width="145" height="60" hidden="true" autoplay="true" volume="100" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://suzanneandsimon.com/files/music/Tesla-Love_Song.mp3"></e
  12. Greetings!

    It's my first time to view your profile and I just want to greet you belated Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you and your family.

    PS. and another year of fun and action at the MD lands.



  13. Greetings AlekRJ! Congratulations to you becoming a dad this year. Now all you have to do is to prepare for the next level (when the baby comes out - always look at the mirror for your eyebags PS. Buy your GF the Book - [b]What to expect when you're expecting[/b] - It's one great book for 1st time mother's to be. Signed, Rockistah
  14. Pogi Idol!

    Advanced Happy new year brother!

  15. Greetings! Even before the What Number Am I Quest came out, I have been answering puzzles at Cutlers page. I remember always asking him when will his new puzzle come out whenever I finish his puzzles. And I always liked all the puzzles he made. Not only did I like it, I enjoyed it a lot. And because of that, I gave his puzzle quest a rating of 1. May you create more interesting and enjoyable puzzles in the future. Signed, Rockistah \m/
  16. Hindi tol. Company Uniform yan. Para ma distinguish kung saan sa manufacturing line ka nakatalaga.

  17. I wonder if the #17 contains that Huge Giveaway!
  18. Greetings! I work at Windy's Pub but I can be a guest performer if you may allow. Just tell me what time is the presentation and i will be there *winks* Good Luck!
  19. Greetings. I have been an adept of Princ Rhaegar and my mentor at the same time ever since I joined MD. I would like to follow his footsteps and serve loreroot the best I can. I am a man of Nature and I will do everything I can to protect it so I want to join GOTR. Thanks in advance.
  20. Greetings fellow filipino.

    - From a fellow filipino at the states -

    Rock and Roll Bro!

  21. Greetings to each and everyone. First of all, I want to say that this Card giving is one awesome Xmas idea/event for all the MD people. You receive series/various kinds of Christmas cards from all over the world (most especially cards from foreign countries with messages written from their own language aside from english - a good thing for collectors). And I think I will be participating in this event. Now I can send some Christmas Rock and Roll Cards to anybody. (And in return if somebody would send some to me, I would see something on my mailbox when I come home a week before christmas.)
  22. Who is Rockistah? For the past months that I have been playing MD, I guess it’s nice to introduce myself. There are actually 2 persons who played the Rockistah account, and that is me and my far cousin. Both of us are members in a band, the only difference is that his band Dizzy Spectrum is already going 2 decades old, while the band I am in which is Rockers Edge is just barely 13 months old. My cousin just played the last 2 weeks of my 1st month here in MD, and I played most of the time since I registered at MD up to the present. So who am I? My real name is Shane, aka Rockistah, Born
  23. Lamest Name - Spare Time Pub Funniest Name - House of Hard Cocks Scariest Name - Heaven's Purgatory
  24. Sanctuary As distance grows between us I could only set you free, like a driftwood floating to the sea So they say time waits for no one is it something I must fear? For wait’s too long to be so near I would keep on believing on the promises we’ve laid I would keep on reminiscing There’s more than I could say As the time become so precious I would come to realize, that persistence pays for all I’ve cried And I know that you’ll be with me, and the sun will soon arise And by then I know I’ve gained the price But by then I’d keep pretending and I’m holding on j
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