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  1. hi Shadow :D ..how are you ..?

  2. hello Fawe...:D

  3. hi Gremlin*waves*

  4. *pokes and runs*

  5. i'm great thanks for asking ...i like you picture ^^

  6. i feel fantastic as ussual ^^

  7. ok gremlin i'll keep that in mind ^^

  8. *pokes back*you should try tequila..it's much better ...^^

  9. i never tryed that one ..*wonders*

  10. trying to bribe people with what ?*looks curious at shadow*

  11. hii Yoshi ..*pokes*

  12. Princccc.*pokes 3 times*

  13. nothing just checking if your there *pokes and runs away*

  14. hii ..how are you?^^ ....now give me your "drunk responce" ..*chuckles*

  15. in the land of vampires ..?*laughs*

  16. *chuckles* i'm pretty fine...but you didn't write like a drunk man at all ..but keep trying you'll figure it out someday ^^

  17. thanks Princ for your wishes and that muffin cake*remember*^^ was delicious ...have a great day ;)

  18. thanks for your wishes Burns ...^^ so your favorite littel vampire ...who is little eh ?*laughs*

  19. thanks Clock for your wishs...and see'ya around Sherlock ..;)^^

  20. thanks Grido for your first drunk post ^^...have a great day ;)

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