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  1. Not really active anymore. Sometimes I log in. Sometimes I read the forum (and possibly even post). I've recently returned after a several month hiatus; we'll see if it lasts. Former Judge of Loreroot Former leader of Woodcutters
  2. My research should not be taken as fact. You'll notice that my research asks more questions than it answers.
  3. Inner Magic (and maybe spell pages too) + MD Script - people can cast spells that they have on people using a scripted clickable. For quest creation Combat + MD Script - scripter can create a ritual that questers can attempt to fight. Rituals should probably not be from either person's list of rituals and not count towards heat/wins/etc.
  4. I like it. The first thing that comes to mind is an idea about Torch Competition. What effect would it have to create your own torches before or during competition?
  5. Localized on a location or localized on a person? I think it would be quite abusable if it affected an individual.
  6. First off, I really like the new layout of the tabbed inventory. That said, you removed the ability to right click and refresh the frame. Is it possible to add a refresh to the top of the inventory frame similar to the mood panel so players who want to check if their gathering tool has cooled down don't have to click "See More", "Inventory", "See More" (to bring the inventory closer to the top) and finally "Tools" to see if the tool is ready to use again?
  7. I know how to copy and paste. I haven't used Wordpress but I have used various other PHP based CMS's.
  8. Maple Whiskey A dark amber whiskey lightly flavoured with Loreroot maple.
  9. My suggestion: Rename Memorystones to Stones, increase the amounts and create random stone resources upon harvesting like the herbs (coal, granite, shale, sandstone, flint, memorystone, etc.). This could allow future expandability without adding a new resource later. I have not collected stones so this suggestion should be taken with a grain of salt and input should be sought from those who do gather them.
  10. So the easiest way to get someone to leave the game is bump them up to mp6?
  11. I don't mind the current system but if it went random I would encourage it to be randomly 6-8 days but first week should be 00:00 to 11:59 and second week should be 12:00 to 23:59 ST. That would still allow for people in different timezones to have a better chance to get a shared item.
  12. Resin is working at Ravenhold so I would say yes.
  13. Trying to collect resin at 1_-4x1_1 on Jul 23 02:10 (approx) error removed by chew Eagle Eye posted that something like that happened to him too here.
  14. I would echo what yrthilian is saying about clickables. A few years ago you issued a challenge encouraging people to try to build a compass quest in the clickables. While building something along those lines I found it odd that there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to where clickables were or were not. I would say that putting a clickable in (almost) every scene could be very useful to those who would like to build something that spans the entire land.
  15. Thanks Mur, And to be clear, I did not have sand or glass in my inventory yesterday. That was entirely the community donating that. The way I look at it is this: I had the resources and by donating them those people who had smaller amounts can hold onto them for another project or quest. Maybe that's my contribution to the community. I don't fight a lot, I don't really roleplay much, I haven't built a quest in a very long time, sometimes I'm quick to point out the bad in MD, but bringing resources to something that benefits all of us was something I could do and do very easily.
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