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  1. *winks and laughs*

  2. yeap..and the earth starts spinning again ...^^

  3. That sounds oddly familiar... going out a bit late and heavy then saying i'll never drink (so much) again but then afterwards it just happens again :)

  4. hey i was just joking at the drinking thing ^^ and yes it was a hell of a party ....*chuckles*

  5. Haha seems like it was a good birthday party! *rereads*i never wanna drink again..T-T *laughs*

  6. Succes is a journey, not a destination!

  7. thanks for the wishes Joykill ...and yes thank god i have my vampire youth ...^^ see'ya around and have a great day....

  8. Happy birthday mylady Fitzroy... oh and by the way, everybody knows vampire women look young all the time, so dont worry about looking old
  9. Thank you my fair ladie for the kind words...

  10. yes your right ...but i still know that's gonna be fine ...^^

  11. Well I learned not to hope to much either... It can lead to huge disappointments. Oh well, I do hope ofcourse, but I'm carefull. :)

  12. of course silly ...hope dies last..

  13. Well i'm becoming mp4, and taking 24h intervals for the choices, I like to get the max out of the meditation bonus :)

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