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  1. can you put some start bidings... because i dont want to offend with my lower bid...thank you. i am interested to buy the angien.
  2. i dont sell them anymore. please close the topic.
  3. I want to sell 4 imperials with some age, stored heat and some good tokens. Iprefer to sell them in full packet, but if the price is good i will sell them separate. 1st age 97, stored heat 650k, claw1, 2 emerald, firedrop, juwelshards, purpurfog, darkshield, blooddrop 1, 2 2st age 58, stored heat 860k,claw1, 2 keleta, firedrop, onixfangs, sunshine, blood 1, 2 3th age 76, stored heat 760k,claw 1, 2, purpurfog, darkshield, blood 2 4th age 51, stored heat 630k,claw 1, 2, purpoormoon. darkshield, onixfangs, blood 1, 2 Ialso want to sell 4 fresh pimped grasans, no tokens,heat or
  4. I had the same proble too, and i have sent the id's of the stones and i hope they will give me an answer...
  5. VorniC

    New ideas

    i have started a new topic regarding a new idea about Wish option for change of principle in Principles Charge http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13155-a-wish-option-to-change-principles-in-principles-charge/
  6. I'll start by saying that i dont know if it is or not an option implemented, to do this thing, but i tink it would be verry useful idea to implement a wish option in the "Wish Shop" like the one in the topic name. And i say this because, from a while, i began to feel differently this game, and i got involved in various things, like socializing, making commerce, fighting, and even spendind some money in the Shop. I reached a certain point when i saw that the principles can be combinated and get new things if they are choised well. And here i come with the reason of this idea..
  7. 1 fresh sharptear or 1 blood with 4-5 tokens
  8. do u accept any offer with an other creature tokened?
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