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  1. Hello to everyone and good to be back. I come here with a little problem. in the past few days i got a error when i'm trying to attack MrAlyon and Imperian. is says they are alt of mine. and as well i get the error when i try to worship Syrian. please help me to fix that problem. Thank you in advance.
  2. 1) Then let it like it is. Maybe the time will solve them all.   2) Early bird gets the worm??? then i should do some propaganda to the rest of  the hungry birds? if some of this birds are so selfish and take all for them... why the rest of us  can get them below reg. rate? right? like No One said: "because we can". Anyway your answer was clear and i know in which direction will go the things. So, i think i got all the answers i need. Thx.
  3. 1) when the land loyalty influence the tools, they are not anymore shared tools, are personal tools and you reach to get them only if you are a very cute, and is based on favoritism, even No One is complaining about some tools that are unreachable... My point here was: can be done an option that you can buy or loan the tools in exchange of coins in public area? or even a deal that you should give let's say 10% from what you have collected to the land from where you got that item.   2) maybe i wasn't so clear... the main reason is that people aren't stopping until they get all resources
  4. VorniC

    New ideas

    My idea is that the viscosity should be influenced by visits in that location and not about land loiality.   e.g. The Location X have xx vascosity. The vascosity is reduced by yy - where yy is the amount of times you have visited the place.   reason: - once you get familiar with the place i dont see why you should have the difficulty to recognize the place and walk so slowly...              - the beauty is to reach places you havent seen. not to keep them hiden. and if is a reason that a place must be hidden, then are o
  5. Both responses complete in some way what i meant. Which leads me to another things that i want to say, and can be taken as ideas.   1) I agree with land loyalty req. for to access the land treasury, but i dont agree with land loyalty req. on tools. In not a single game ive played i didnt encountered such restriction. Is normal that their places are in relation with the lands but they should be available for all. It is normal that if you want a certain armor with bonuses specific to that land... to need land loyalty, but for tools... no.   e.g. and idea:   A land can as
  6. This is an explicit answer, to what i have proposed. But are two things that i would like an opinion to. If you can read please from: "Another thing i haven't seen....". and tell me what you think.
  7.              I'll start by saying two things: 1) Offtopic -  this topic will have long sentences due to my way to exprime in english (I would appreciate it if you had the patience to read all). 2) Ontopic - in every MMORPG I've played, resources plays an important role - to create new things; I wasn't very involved in the collection of resources, but i can say, as a player that had to do with resources in other games, that what is happening now, does not work as it should work (IMO). Why? I will give my reason and on th
  8. VorniC

    HC Rules

    i have something to say... the HC it starts every 4th month not every second month...
  9. Happy Birthday Shem!!! And may all your wishes to come true!!! 
  10. VorniC

    HC Bug

    I didnt get score on HC because of my registration on the Mini BHC. Now the problem is solved, and i want to thank you. You can close the topic.
  11. VorniC

    HC Bug

    Yes sure. I attack persons with heads... i take them but i dont get score for my heads... now i have 40 heads, so i should get 13pts and i am at GoE.   Edited:   And now is the 4th time when the score was updated and no score for me... and i was at Gazebo of Equilibrium. My first doubt is that i may be in conflict with the registration on the Mini BHC... and my heads dont get counted...
  12. VorniC

    HC Bug

    I participate in the competition of Heads Contest and i get heads when i fight with players, but the score was updated 3 times and i still dont find me on the chalange list... Hope this will be fixed soon. Thank you.
  13. ooooh no...  MD have serious problems? my day ended with the worst screen... hope MD will revive for the good moments we all have spent together... what can i say i have no words...
  14. My question is rellevant or not... or maybe the answer is here and i didnt see it... If i made an alt just to see if i can beat the guards... and i beat them... the reward i will get on my main account or on the alt account? Hope it is not a ridiculous question...
  15. First i wanted to draw just this: [url="http://imageshack.us/f/442/mdbirthday1.jpg/"]http://imageshack.us/f/442/mdbirthday1.jpg/[/url] but after i was tinking it is better if i put it in a scenary... so i had to do it in 4 pages A4 and to place them side by side... [url="http://imageshack.us/f/18/mdbirthday.jpg/"]http://imageshack.us/f/18/mdbirthday.jpg/[/url] I didn't have a personal scanner, so this is the quality i got. Hope you like it...
  16. I will sponsor your quest with 3 BMMO Silver Gifts...
  17. the rain is also sold, so please close the topic. thx
  18. I want to sell: [s]1. Rustgold Age 117, Stored Heat 380k, Tokens claw1, claw2.[/s] sold to anonymous [s]2. Rein Drach Age 81, Stored Heat 200k, Tokens claw2, stardust, claw1, antifreeze.[/s] sold I will sell them only if the bids will satisfy me
  19. the same on me.... exactly the same. hope to be up soon because i dont know how much i will have internet connection... and i dont want Liberty to tell that i am a bad auctioner... and i dont respect my trades...
  20. yes me too, why is telling me that the letters are invalid? i cant login....
  21. 3 GC for the imp nr2, and 1 GC and 5SC for each barren
  22. 1gc and 5sc for each imperial.
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