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  1. I've been trying to figure out how values are distributed to a creature's stats via token influences and some tokens have "permanent effect" on them. Does it mean that it gives the creature permanent value outside combat? If a token says "Permanently increases power skill of a creature based on principles available," does it mean that a creature gets this value during fight or even when dormant/not used?
  2. On using a random ritual in a battle with the slider set anywhere between 0% - 100% gives random value during combat. It looks like the slider value has no effect in influencing the percentage of used personal stats during a fight. I'm not sure if it's bugged or in-combat values takes precedence, which means the set slider value is useless. Ex 1 - Slider set on 0% Applying 82% of Lazarus's energetic influence Applying 0% of *Miq*'s energetic influence Ex 2 Slider set on 30% (default) Applying 42% of Lazarus's energetic influence Applying 0% of
  3. As a subject of multiple Jail time and perma-bans, I would advise you to not do the following: Steal and/or impersonate an account Abuse alternative accounts to the benefit of your main Name an alternative account the same as characters that are in the Adventure Logs Create an account that is named after a GM or any other players in MD (e.g. "Mur") Profanity Not comply with a GM when asked to cooperate Break out of Prison illegally Insulting other people and/or causing them nuisance on a constant basis Other non-experiential reasons that are
  4. If you want to be creative with it, there is a spell which happen to be my most favourite called toadspeak (or "Hex" as I named it), this will make the player make animal sounds, but this only lasts for a couple of minutes. There was also a spell to literally shut them up, since it's not functional anymore I suppose I can share it; it's called SHUT UP. For long term solution, see above posts.
  5. None really, but in terms of moving, recruiting creatures and battles, at least be mindful of Action Points, VE and Winertia.
  6. Find the MD Archives basement and there you will find the assembler for the Molima, it lists the required items to build one. All you have to do is gather the required resources and come back to it, load them and wait.
  7. Technically you can't if you don't have the spell. There is a night version and it's in a form of spell, as far as I know there is only 1 player who has this and it's Aeoshattr. Maybe send him a message if you require nightfall in MD for your quest or any other strong reasons.
  8. Contact one of the GM's (Chewett or Mur) and express your intent to help out using whatever talent/skills that you have to give MD a better gaming experience.
  9. You either map it out yourself like what Syrian is saying, which can take a really long time, or ask someone for help on the forums as Live Help is now defunct, there is no way to reach anyone if you are a brand new player, or just wait and get eaten by the ever hungry Bull who roams around the Labyrinth. Your best choice is to contact someone from the forums or talk to people on the Island beforehand, that way you will have them in your inbox in case something like this happens.
  10. You can recruit one species of it in Golemus Golemicarum using a Charm, if you have it. One is available somewhere in the MD Shop, one Christmas species can only be had via trade as far as I know, and one requires a Wishpoint to transform into something that is very rare and powerful.
  11. MagicDuel is not like any other game. Its mechanics is different than the rest of browser/MMORPG games that are available and this is what makes it unique. While other games makes winning a destination, MD makes it more of a journey and an experience.
  12. As a non-A25 realm-shaper myself, I usually work in tandem with various A25 realm-shapers when it comes to scene, clickables and creature artwork implementations. If you want to submit a concept art or are interested in being involved, you can show off your PoC/demo via the forum gallery, the MD Artworks subforum, or by talking directly with one of the GM's/A25 members. For avatars, typically you just upload them to the profile section of the game located on the left hand corner of the page. The artwork needs to meet certain specifications, you can find it HERE.
  13. Like what Miq said. Other ways involve going to a certain place with other players and simultaneously activating a portal, and having a pebble to teleport oneself to the island.
  14. I would say that the craziest spells in MD are the inner magic ones. Although these are not implemented yet as it is still in the game border, when you read what actually goes into creating one, it could transform the game itself. There is a lot of work involved in casting these spells. According to the documentation, you literally can do anything you wish for. It consumes a Wish Point and Principle values to cast. The requirements are inner magic documents (the first few levels), the description of the spell, and the how the spell would consume the provided Principle values. Taken
  15. The requirements for the ritual to work is for it to have a total of 301 VE. If you ritual did not get selected even thought you clicked it, you either misclicked for another ritual or your ritual did not meet the minimum VE requirement. If the latter is the case, it will randomize it.
  16. Use the ghost spell, if you have it. Otherwise, keep a keen eye and get a lot of AP so you can run like Forrest Gump.
  17. The quickest way is to fight someone using lifestealers and Priests/Popes.
  18. If you're talking about Heat as in Heat scars, you can do this by merely fighting. You can gain more usable heat by increasing your briskness, sacrificing a creature, fighting, walking around (if briskness value is high enough), or releasing stored heat from your Erolin device (heat container).
  19. The only way that I know of is by sacrificing your creatures to various Altars scattered throughout MD. Of course, the value of the principles that can be had is dependent on several factors about the creature you want to sacrifice such as age, level, win counts and whether or not they have tokens on them.
  20. There are a lot of ways on how you can get extra Action Points (AP); by clicking Free Credits link to vote on, consuming Spicy Pickles, loading a tool called "AP Boots" that can be found on specific scenes, but for increasing Max AP, you will have to keep logging in everyday, or to go to MD shop and buy an item called "Kinetic Memory." Alternatively, you can also find it in the Wish Shop if you have a Wish Point and you feel like this is worth spending it on.
  21. There are 2 different types of spells; Inner and Outer. The ones that you saw being cast are Outer spells and there are ways to get this; either you spend Wishpoints on it (which can be had by successfully completing quests that rewards it) on the Wish Shop, by using enchanted Stones that contain spells, or by using an Item that can cast it, such as Give Vital from MP6 Protectors (another topic).
  22. Honor can be gained by attacking a player that has positive amounts of it. The value given by other players depends hugely on your fight balance; the more imbalanced you are, the more it leans towards positive or negative. If your honor dips below a certain threshold, you will not be able to attack another player, so watch your honor level specially if it gets too low. Also, if you attack a player with negative amounts of it, well, you'll lose your honor based on the exact amount that player gives you.
  23. MD Festivals varies from time to time. There are Christmas festivals, Halloween, MD Birthdays etc. These festivities often comes with a lot of quests, challenges and surprise activities that can either be benefited from, suffer from, or worse, like Ledah, die from.
  24. For starters, you can gain loyalty based on your login activities. You can also gain loyalties through Alliance fights and if you are of a higher Mindpower levels, you can set your character to Worship an MP6 and offer heat to them in exchange of loyalty points.
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