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  1. 2x Item 3: 50 Plushies 2x Item 4: 24 Plushies Total: 74 Plushies (3 remaining Plushies from Lazarus' inventory plus 71 unclaimed Plushies from lashtal's inventory. I may add more items, depends on Plushie Auction results.)
  2. I might be misunderstanding this, but according to the rules above, all items except for item 6 (maybe item 2 as well) have already ended since the last bid on those items had been more than 7 days which implies that those players who last bid on them already won those items, now the current end date of this auction is the 28th of August. Are we now only allowed to bid on item 6 and/or 2? Or every item is still available to bid on despite the current bids already being past 7 days? Item 6: 121
  3. Item 1 - 25 Plushies Item 6 - 40 Plushies Item 8 - 60 Plushies
  4. I didn't know I won lol. I'll take the 7GC Miq, thanks!
  5. For Taurion Item 3: Avatar goldening Token: 25 plushies Item 9: 15th anniversary spicy pickle: 5 plushies Total 30 Plushies from Taurion's Inventory.
  6. Lazarus

    New ideas

    We usually get an announcement when the Plushies cease to be transferable, but this time there were no notifications in the updates section so lashtal thought it could still be transferred. He sent me all 70+ or however much there were ITC's of the Plushies but when I tried using them, this is what I got: So they are not transferrable in any way at this moment.
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