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  1. I'm not too sure if I will make it that day, but I'd like to sign up just in case.
  2. I agree with this. While I do like the idea of a Trading card-looking concept, it makes the images warped, cramped, bulky and take up a lot of space. I would be willing to try and redesign this myself but I can only suggest to simplify this UI as much as possible as I am oblivious to the coding limitations of this design. I suggest that the images be scaled proportionally with length and width if the full image of the creatures are to be used rather than thumbnails. The "+" button size indicating an upgrade be reduced to at least 50%, it's too big, and the lightning effect that comes
  3. @Ledah I'll send you the CTC via forum PM as soon as I can, I'll be idle at GoE. Thanks!
  4. This will end in about 6 hours from now. Current bids: Pip - 5G 20S for 1 Ledah - 6GC for 1 Fang - 6G 1S (unclear if for one or both)
  5. Apologies, I made a mistake in the title, these are Level 1 - 15th Anniversary Barren Souls, not Hollow Warriors, they have 8 more days to go before they can be uplevelled, but starting price will remain the same. You can reset your bids or keep it as is.
  6. I have two of them, I don't know how much they go for so starting price for both is 4GC or 2GC individually. Bidding will end 72 hours from now.
  7. Thanks Chew. I still have 145 Plushies left to trade for. 4x Item 3: Avatar Goldening Token - 100 Plushies 3x Item 5: Send to Gazebo - 45 Plushies
  8. 2x Item 3: 50 Plushies 2x Item 4: 24 Plushies Total: 74 Plushies (3 remaining Plushies from Lazarus' inventory plus 71 unclaimed Plushies from lashtal's inventory. I may add more items, depends on Plushie Auction results.)
  9. I might be misunderstanding this, but according to the rules above, all items except for item 6 (maybe item 2 as well) have already ended since the last bid on those items had been more than 7 days which implies that those players who last bid on them already won those items, now the current end date of this auction is the 28th of August. Are we now only allowed to bid on item 6 and/or 2? Or every item is still available to bid on despite the current bids already being past 7 days? Item 6: 121
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