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  1. you know its been like over a year.. but i havent forgot ya! hope you are doing well if you read this by logging on randomly one day

  2. hehe the tainted...anchovie.. oooerrr (nice beer you have there!)

  3. Think I know you

  4. No sir, cannot say that I have. Rather, I am silently gathering my strength.... beware the awakening!

  5. *bear hugs* actually, that is pretty much how one move works...

  6. Your services as a back cracker is needed by Windy. A bear hug should do the trick.

  7. I guess that's why they call it the blues?

  8. How soon is now?

  9. Invisible as you might be, it is still obvious the dog is being cuddled.

  10. Chocolate fondue, for two and bitter coffee = paradise.

  11. Coffee! noms, BEER! Chugs!

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