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  1. im not really playing anymore got so much stuff to do :(

  2. galing mo mag draw..proud to be kababayan ^_^

  3. messaged without reply dawnter
  4. i know some1 who has negative 666 rep

  5. nothing much..why do you have negative rep?

  6. i want a tomato heheh

  7. dont worry im mp4 now

  8. wtf..nice chiks

  9. hi Leucretia heheh thanks for the comment uhmm im just dropping by.. ^^V *peace out*

  10. dont worry red im mp4 now

  11. dont worry im mp4 now

  12. nothing zalabar hehehe

  13. lolz..taga cebu ako wala ako sa tv..na loko na

  14. magpasalamat ako sayo hahaha..uu ako toh sa pic ko hehehe..bakit bro?

  15. amf starpuck ka dyan...musta na bro?

  16. [quote name='Calyx of Isis' date='03 September 2008 - 09:54 AM' timestamp='1220406895' post='15607'] We always need active, committed players for the dojo staff. We will be recruiting for some time to come. The purpose of dojo staff is to be a visible representative of the dojo. The primary duties of the staff are to explain the dojo and it's rules, handle complaints, PM offenders, and keep spoilers off the live chat. Staff are not expected to be teachers, but if you can teach and help in other ways, this is all to the good. Post here if you want to join us. You can also approach me or on
  17. salamat sa pag drop by bro..hope to meet you in the realm aswell..

  18. because they were the 1st alliance willing to teach me..the rest wanted me to have a hard time and sacrifice..they welcomed me with open arms..and i ask all the alliance what kind they are before i try to join..military or rp

  19. you dislike me at one point Fawe..remember when i learned the chat commands?

  20. "It is not that you are disliked, you just did not give the choice much thought, so you are not considered a real choice. " i no longer am a choice..

  21. *eyes widened and jaw drops* thanks for the comment pample..hope my life in MD will be long and prosperous ^_^

  22. your pic wont upload? or you dont know how? want me to help you?

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