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  1. hi, thanks for the kind words! I'm sure we'll meet in MD!

  2. What a glorious Autumn day...

  3. Thank you kinf lady.. I will see your reply...

  4. Herly, I have replied to your application for the Guardians of the Root.

  5. I offer myself to be one of the team coordinators for the Portuguese translation team... Skimming through this post I found this list of names: [list] [*]herly [*]xPo [*]Lozober [*]Krogan Darkmoon [*]Treehill [*]necro [*]Tcheno [*]vilhenas [*]Dhyone [/list] You can contact me via email (herly84@gmail.com)
  6. [quote name='Akasha' date='16 August 2009 - 08:32 PM' timestamp='1250454770' post='39652'] Here i post to revive this topic. Please post your names for the translation team and select one leader to help you. Here will be kept updated the list of the translation team. Good luck ! [b] ------- Names -----[/b] [/quote] I volunteer to translate MD into portuguese My name's herly
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