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  1. an idea. there was once a secret feature, I don't think it's secret anymore. (if it's still considered secret, please hide this post to minimize the damage, and accept my apology) The Permanent Balance feature. Lately I've learned that the feature itself is bugged and it gets permanently inactive when a wishpoint is used to reset the balance. That made me wonder. Could there be a Shop/Wish to activate or deactivate it after it's achieved? I like stats and having win count locked was never my fav. Not to mention that being balanced is really hard for honor gain.
  2. is there an altar on Gateway Island? alternatively you can gift a creature to someone else via CTC code. perhaps someone who has access to a sacrificial altar.
  3. added a functional arrow on top of the broken one can't convert the scene or remove the broken flash arrow, because there is no art provided for this scene yet. temporary fix should be ok for now tho.
  4. Heat veins a rivers or kind of twisted cardiovascular system. I like that idea. And it would look great on an actual MD map. I like the idea of capitols being sources and Deathmarrow a sort of power sump, but then there is the issue of actual map edges. Like for example Loreroot back entrance would on both sides lead out? Such places could have veins leading undsrgroud, but probably most of them don't have direct underground locations. Also locations underground themselves pose a challenge. Do they reflect the heat vein pattern of the locations above or have own unique sources and e
  5. the choice buttons are clickable. they work for me without issues (just checked with an alt of mine). On my screen resolution I had to click the buttons not in the middle, but just above them. Perhaps this is the issue? edit: when I changed the layout configuration (upper right corner) to the one you are using the clickable part seems to be just below the button.
  6. you mean the Lore Manor or the story? if it's the story, then you simply must read it to the end (of a chapter anyway) Lore Manor arrow works fine.
  7. Perhaps rather than total crits count the scaling would be set to count of a specific crit type. For example if I have 40 Walking Trees and just 1 Chaos Archer the cost of recruiting another tree would be significantly affected while archers still remained low cost. Ofc, the % scaling could be higher in such case. That way collecting different types of creatures wouldn't be affecting recruiting, while farming would indeed be lot harder to do. Especially if the scaling referred to % of player's max Wi. Even to a point where binding another creature of a specific type could cost over 10
  8. if you can actually make it relatively easy to achieve for those who have high Wi I think it's a good idea, but at this form, in my case 1000Wi+30% would make more or less 140k. It'd require more than just walking to gain it back, especially with so few people training in a manner that'd give high Wi. Plus it'd be especially hurtful if one realised that all shop credits spent on items that increase Wi were actually buying a disadvantage
  9. I like the new name changes and I love the way it is presented now. I still would have 2 suggestions. 1. is it possible to change the color of the font used or even better give it a colored background? With the panels opening on a scene picture it is sometimes quite hard to read. 2. is it possible to add space separators to the numbers? I know for most people it won't make a change, but for the "grinders" it'd help a lot
  10. Does it mean I win one of the crits or both go to ledah? I am sorry, but your empty quote confused me even further
  11. I was bidding on either one of them, the one that held the lowest bid at the time. That is how usually auctions work. Sure I can wait for Ledah comments on it, but my understanding is, that if he decides to outbid me both creatures are back in the game, as taking one out would leave me in a disadvantaged position.
  12. Why are you using the most narrow setting tho? the widest would suit lot better a screen so big. (the small buttons at the upper right corner)
  13. hm... please explain why didn't you accept my bid? I don't recall any statements that they can't be sold separately.
  14. Are you using the new interface or the old one? Old one seems to have limit to how many erolin slots it shows, but in the new one where a number is shown it doesn't to seem have that problem. At least for me, I just got above 12 with the shop feature.
  15. Barren Soul 14th Anniversary (1gc 5s) Hollow Warrior - 12th Anniversary (1gc 10s) and the number picking thingy: 261395
  16. yes, it'd be nice to have those visible again.
  17. I'd love to help, but I don't have any experience with A25 tools nor do I know what skills/knowledge does it require. >>
  18. with my resolution of 1366x768 it looks quite the same as on your screens
  19. Item 1: Anni creature 2018. Price: 20 plushies Item 3: Silvertongue stone. Price 10 plushies Item 11: 13th anniversary piece of cake. Price: 2 plushies - total of 32 plushies
  20. Item 6: 12th anniversary creature. 25 plushies.
  21. Item 6: 12th anniversary creature. 20 plushies.
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