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  1. I didn't accused you I just asked you if you removed me from LHOs and I wote that if was so why you removed me... I sent a PM also to Grido not only to you... and for let me clear I'm not complaining that you remove from me the reputation system that for me isn't important but for my LHO status
  2. http://www.gamesites200.com/mpog/in.php?id=3037
  3. 20 teleport to PC 35 movelock 35 attacklock 24 helpthepoor 25 hearthepoor 25 toadspeak 20 locate
  4. where should have i put this sorry... moves this post where you think should be....
  5. Avast find me always a virus with this site when I click on it for vote....   https://mega.co.nz/#!nI0VCY7T!DKV1s1N0nY1pqJFArZ8Hn8yYjmNMbnrV6x12XyliXKM
  6. 5) classlike system of fighting, no mps, level decided by stats and combatknowledge
  7. Kyphis.... 1638 out of 1815...so you lost 177 days at you joined MD on 26 october 2008
  8. then I wrong... all can wrong.... sorry... this post can be closed....
  9. no Miq... because others can move easily in no man's land... the problem is when a player have got more than 2 loyalty score....
  10. there is a bug with resources because they exceed the maximum allowed in a scene....   http://storenow.net/my/?f=765a0df7b09705d6394a7a36caa2b30b
  11. For me you should get always volition stat when you drop viscosity in a place also if is your homeland... maybe you could let get less volition stat in homeland, instead out of it you will get more volition... because one that have got more land loyalty scores wil not able to gain volition in more different lands...   example...in GG I will get 0.04 of volition when I will drop max viscosity, instead out GG I will get 0.08 when I will drop max viscosity...     a suggestion... for me there could be achivements on volition stats that later could be used for let you create dif
  12. - Heretic Archer Age: 515 Tokens: Emerald Glare   - Pimped Grasan Age: 618 Tokens: Stardust, Fire Drop, Purpur Fog, Sunshine, Gold Belt   - Revolted Skill Vampire Age: 1014 Tokens: Blood Drop II, Claw III, Stardust, Dark Shield, Jewel Shards   - GG Age: 969 Tokens: Claw II, Blood Drop I, Stardust, Blood Drop II, Jewel Shards, Fire Drop, Claw I, Black Tear   - Angien Age: Tokens: Emeral Glare, Purpur Fog, Onyx Fangs, Black Diamonds, Claw I, Dark Shield   - Pope Age: 756 Tokens: Blood Drop I, Gold Belt, Claw III, Jewel Shards, Emeral Glare, Black
  13. Chakra or Volontà (volition)...   all two interior energies that express very well the idea of this skill... volition of lower viscosity and create a new item...
  14. when you are under -500 of honor appear the red text in combact window that you have got max exp and the player haven't got max heat in "Your progress for today"
  15. My default list: - 2012 Champion Fighter (ID:45836) - Decorated Lance (ID:3232) - Flask of Sand (ID:7480) - Golemus Pass Papers (ID:6870) - History of the Elucubrat (ID:18778) - MR Knight's Crown (ID:8502) - MR Knight's Ring (ID:8501) - MR Knight's Sword (ID:8500) - ``Bob`` T~Shirt (ID:1081) - ``What`s a Mur?`` T~Shir(ID:1080)
  16. Name: *MRAlyon* AD:1638 ID:135726   I will tell you the truth... for me it's will be a really hard job because public council will have powers to make important decisions that could change the game completely... but I tell you also this... with a good group of people there is the real possibility to do a real good job that will be directed to make the game more interesting to ALL players not single player... and for this I would have the possibility to be part of this special team and start to produce ideas and do important changes that will satify all players...
  17. for me nothing works... I can walk... just this.. I can't get items, attack other players, PMs, announcements.... also in login page I can't see the map...
  18. same for me BFH... also I use avast and I have got same problems
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