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  1. WHO: yourself

    WHY WHO: because we are the only ones to know what we had, want and would like to have... and know the risks, dangers and renunciations that we need to face up... 

    WHY IS THE STRONGEST OF THEM ALL: knowing yourself is the most important battle in life and it will never end... because maybe you can give me suggestions to face the obstacles or reach my goals but you will never know what I am willing to sacrifice to achieve it

  2. I think it's time for MD to move to a flashless interface but you can't put all things in one page like it's now... I love the idea to make the site mobile friendly but not like you are doing on war venture... Look at app or other mobile friendly site... First thing I don't have to scroll at right and left like it's now... interface need to be easy to understand and CLEAN... Just work on vertical interface scroll up and down... Put menus at right or left as you prefer but simply and clean... Right bar on mobile it's not easy to use but I like the top part of it the trigger box instead don't like how work the bottom part of it... Bottom bar is impossible to use because some buttons are out and can't click them after if I click a buttons nothing happens and need to go and click right bar...

    I know it's difficult to make a new interface from zero but for me it's better take more time for study how do the interface before to put live... For example before code just make a quick image without functions on it and see what people thinks about it...

    When I login what I will see as first thing, like a screenshot...

    More buttons on MD are double or useless and can be put on other parts no need to put on principal page...

    This is the image that I see. Tell me if it's good or not... For me no... I'm using a Samsung A8 2018


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