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  1. just a reminder https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/2090 and I don't remember when i started to lose 100% of activity
  2. ANOTHER IDEA... and with this I've said all I have to say
  3. WHO: yourself WHY WHO: because we are the only ones to know what we had, want and would like to have... and know the risks, dangers and renunciations that we need to face up... WHY IS THE STRONGEST OF THEM ALL: knowing yourself is the most important battle in life and it will never end... because maybe you can give me suggestions to face the obstacles or reach my goals but you will never know what I am willing to sacrifice to achieve it
  4. Yeah it's broken... Insert vertical view and landscape view... The player list disappear always after few secs after refresh... Also choose % for ritual on phone it's impossible..
  5. for me this is amazing:-) i really like it simply and clean... it's a very intriguing interface... this is a real restyling of interface... c
  6. the arrow for Fortune's Well is missing
  7. Because I prefer this type of format... Scene and chat just under it
  8. this is a screen fom my work PC.... it' not possible center all info on every type of screen size? center forum bar with map and bottom bar.... after put the rest near it... screen size 27 inch
  9. All your work it's appreciated very much... My posts aren't for criticize all your work but just suggestions for improve MD... And I don't appreciate just your work but also the hard work of other people like chewett...
  10. Look at screen for some suggestions... Let me know if you understand what I mean
  11. In landscape it's better but not so good... Need to try on desktop but lately I think people use more phones tablets for navigate on internet... We will see how this will evolve...
  12. I think it's time for MD to move to a flashless interface but you can't put all things in one page like it's now... I love the idea to make the site mobile friendly but not like you are doing on war venture... Look at app or other mobile friendly site... First thing I don't have to scroll at right and left like it's now... interface need to be easy to understand and CLEAN... Just work on vertical interface scroll up and down... Put menus at right or left as you prefer but simply and clean... Right bar on mobile it's not easy to use but I like the top part of it the trigger box instead don't li
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