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  1. trying to work on training. No one is here tonite

  2. Congratulations to Sage and Phan, but also congratulations to Loreroot!
  3. Tara, I've so enjoyed role playing with you. What can we say that you'll reconsider? What will demonkind be without you?
  4. Guess What....to know me is to love me....muhhahaha

  5. How are you Rolland. I'm currently in mp5 story mode. I'll be back when I can.

  6. Just dropped in to say HELLO.

  7. Happy Birthday Love, and to you too Darry I talked to you yesterday and it slipped my mind to post. I hope you both had a great day and wish great things for you both this year. I know I'm a bad wife for being late, but better late than never. Love, Myst
  8. Mysteria Blue is a sister.
  9. I, Mysteria Blue, formally apply for citizenship in Loreroot. I have pledged my life and my sword to the forest.
  10. I would like to make my application for the contest. I think my papers are ready
  11. Thank you Mya. I look forward to being mentored by you both !
  12. Thank you very much for accepting me. Mya and Shar have both offered to co-sponsor me, but I would be comfortable with whomever you would choose a my mentor as well. See you ingame!
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