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  1. we too are strong supporters of that philosophy in florida...i guess we're all jerks.

  2. but, here's to you never suffering another one of those again.

  3. ouch, one of those. as the saying in Alaska goes, "better you, than me"

  4. yeah, that's bad, but i raise you a much worse hell. they were taking up the kind of roleplaying that you do without clothes. my quickest logout to date...but my eyes still haven't forgiven me.

  5. heh, tell me about it, being stuck in a middle of drama queens with no way to Get out a' dodge. *shivers*

  6. nothing Mister Death Ray...just painted a house. i hope those dreams get their bounce back.

  7. hey Mister Woods Man, what's up?(lol)

  8. been listening to modest mouse, arcade fire and the strokes recently...for the most part not really a country or rap fan.

  9. Surely, but I need some direction first!

  10. hey...recommend any good music?

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