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    well its clear i like mmorpgs <br />i like magic the gathering <br />classicle music <br />I also like politics and general science of criminal law <hope to get a masters in it><br />I like Tea <do not drink soda anymore or eat much candy my teeth aren't like they used to be><br />BBQ I love a good cook out<br />and belive or not I like working hard if im gonna work i better work if not i wont get Sh&^ done.
  1. Just had an idea pop into my head and i don't know if its been asked already how about the idea of stat gains get influenced by win lose ratio as in: a guy who farms wins and is currently 75/35 stats like attack and power greatly increase but def and initiative grow very slowly or guy farming losses who's currently 35/75 gets a great bonus to def and initiative but slowly grow in attack and power and a balanced person like 50/50 <or 40/50 50/40 > stats grow moderately together .
  2. I dont like it . that kinda puts a krimp in the idea that every action taken alters the game for everyone else it takes away a key thing I liked about this game . im by far not the most "greatest" player and I am still learning the new combat system but Im having fun and if you cant have fun then don't play. removing the idea of attacking someone and winning injures their honor and stats or altering what a "win" or lose is classified as is like removing the saying every action has an equal or greater reaction . what your saying removes almost all the negatives of losing AND of winn
  3. The idea is to balance the win lose ratio to limit power gaming by ppl so that newer people have a chance to become powerful to.
  4. hmmm... you could always make it so the player whokeeps loseing doesnt gain honor points or loses honor util he balances out more and if he gets attacked the attacker suffers a smaller honor loss then to a more balanced person ill show my meaning in a pathetic diagram Wins on left loses on right defender on left attacker on right 50/50 Vs 50/50 = no honor reward or penalty 60/50 vs 50/50 = honor reward for attacker wining -10 penalty for defender +20 for attacker 40/50 vs 50/50 = for attacker winning -20 honor defender +5 30/50 vs 50/50 = attacker winning -35 defender +5 20/50 vs
  5. well the only thing i do to attempt to keep balance <wich i do need losses again> is to have a very weak creature and hit a guy id get negative honor on and die it sux but ya gotta do what ya gotta do by the way I still dont see how a guy with a whole bunch of maxed out charecters should give me negative honor perhaps honor should be based on what you attack with compared to the opponent <this should only involve about 25% of the honor results though>
  6. how could I help ? I don't have much exp in game making but i could help test like before
  7. I forgot to tell everyone i would be on another name Slyther in the game so i havn't left i am still here so to all of those who remeber me from alpha 1 and before .... hi
  8. Excelent were doin good well keep up the good work
  9. hey everybody im back ill try and post in the forums and play more again i had some buisness to work on also the political trail is over now i have to wait till voting time for the state senates see if the guy i was helping wins either way i see alot of changes have been made i hope we can keep it up. Lucren
  10. I think it would have to do with the girl depending what course you take with her like maybe if you do all you can for her she will tellyou or set you on the pathe to open the statue It could also be if you et stuck in the city it could be the quest to get out.
  11. I like it and not just because my name was used in the post it makes it so you have to pay attention and use yer head to learn spells I would say to make it so new palyers cant copy your spells have a personal casting line like a little typeing box that only the user can see
  12. ............ CARROTS!!!! now as for the food kk i will stop but i will have to think of sumin else...... marker pens no......ill get back to you on what i will annoy pplwith next.
  13. you'll just have to wait don't make me slap you wit a piece of lettuce!!
  14. neat sounds real nice can't wait to test em all if ican that is make me feel all powerful like a duck!! or a chicken orthat weird guy in the caves at the end of that game who you couldn't kill .
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