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  1. one for the girls. we dont want u to feel neglected :) one gold to have it. goes to shop soon. http://storenow.net/my/?f=c5581d7d5542a480296f078af6e8d4c1
  2. Theres another avatar manager besides me that should be on the list too. Its Fire Starter.
  3. Funds received and token given out. (funds passed to tk's Time Patrol on 20.10.2014.)
  4. avatar managers approve or deny uploaded avys so uploading works regardless a25. its just goldening that doesnt work since it needs coder involvement.
  5. tnx Reggie always happy to hear critics. especially the good ones :) and i have another one ready for the shop. but first its open for biding for a really short time. starting bid one gold or 5 credits. http://storenow.net/my/?f=dd83f919709d74862c6f5cd04c51b3ce
  6. its bee a while i posted here.. heres something thats about to be uploaded to MD avy shop but wanted to give a chance to anybody that would like to have it exclusively. reserving rights are gonna cost u one gold coin. offer ends soon because im eager to let it go! :) http://storenow.net/my/?f=ce10190e9c76a04995725d3f9b6de319
  7. no but he still hasnt crossed 6 months inactivity regulation.
  8. Brulant is the owner. its in his vault.
  9. Neno Veliki AD: 1669 Volition: 8 Grinding: No
  10. if u want to get him out of his corner get the bigger heads ball than his and im sure it wont take long till he will be after u.. send to goe is for those that are too lazy to think and work for the heads and it should be used only in most extreme situations.
  11. dirty mouth in chat gets u jailed and murder doesnt? and why so hard against jailing? its not like murderer will stay there for life..
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