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  1. Here are the results:



    art                    3       1
    frame               4       4
    story                3       1
    public votes          1

    art                   4       3
    frame              0       1
    story               4       3

    public votes         1


    Although Rich did put more effort to his work, the lack of frame costs him first place. EE wins by one point lead.


    EE you'll get the ctc as soon as i see you around. Rich please send me your ID so we can send you the credits.


    Thank you both for participating.

  2. Here's what you need to do..


    Draw your nightmare, frame it and back it up with a short story to get an awesome prize!


    You can't draw? Do not despair. You can collage your nightmare out of other images or mixed media be it MD related or not doesn't matter as long as its enough effort put in it to make it look good.


    After u drew or collage your nightmare scan it or take a picture of it and give it a nice fitting frame that can be found on internet with one of the image editing programs like Photoshop and write a short story to back up your artwork. Styles and techniques are all up to you.

    Your pieces can be MD related or not it doesn't matter what matters is that they are scary, funny or any other adjective that will make them interesting to spectators.

    Please no funny stuff or stealing other peoples art and presenting it as yours.

    Post your works in this thread. Forum votes will be taken into consideration while evaluating your submissions.


    The one that puts the most effort to its piece gets Rustgold Drachorn.

    Second on the finishing line gets 5 credits pack.

    Third one gets 5 silver.


    Rewards are sponsored by Necrovion.


    Contest ends on the midnight of 07.11.2014.


    All artworks will be evaluated by me and any number of judges that will be picked by me. All disputes regarding this contest matter are solved by me only. By entering this contest you agree to these terms.

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