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  1. I would like to remind everybody who's going to draw artworks for MD that it should be original art and not copied or heavily influenced by other artworks outside of MD. We had those situations before and there were some in the recent history. It is obvious that we cant see or know everything but sooner or later we might find out about it, so even if such art at some point gets approved it doesnt mean that it wont be discovered as copied sometime later.


    What triggered this is our latest unfortunate discovery about heavily influenced artworks. I say unfortunate because it's really old avy that came into the question:


    [attachment=4824:avatar_569b90620fdf0 - id 108.gif][attachment=4825:blog-23-f = id 108.JPG]


    plus, recently we got a report from concerned player about another influenced artwork.



  2. heres a suggestion for some changes that could hopefuly simplify things:


    • buying avy in the shop or by atc doesnt equip it automatically but instead puts it to the vault by default (if theres room, if no u get the message to make room)

    • in the avatar vault, “trade your avatar” section we keep the window for entering atc and everything else as it is but lose the drop menu with options because the vault is now default. storing in vault is free.

    • in the “avatars in your vault” next to everything thats alrady there we add a drop menu next to each owned avy with options where that avy will be used. options could be: “main avy” (it shows as your main avy regardless if u have a role or not), “name of your role” (used for that role), “name of your other role” (used for other role) and keeps going on whatever amount of roles u have, after that option “clear” (avy isnt used, or to remove the avy from the role it was assigned to). “clearing” avy doesnt make u lose it, it just doesnt show anymore but its still in the vault.


    there can also be a line next to each avy that will say if its used and where.


    equipping avys costs 1 credit, stripping is free. every equipping pushes eventual previous avy to the “clear” option and it stays in the vault and is not going back to the shop.


    for discarding and sending avy back to the shop theres a check box next to each avy that needs to be checked and double confirmed prior to sending avy to shop and losing it completely. after its confirmed avy goes back to shop and u receive 1 credit for it.

    this should be the only way u can lose the avy with the actions u perform in the vault so no more accidents can happen.

    6 month inactivity rule remains too.


    max vault space remains 8 and it grows with roles (if someone gets more than 8 roles).


    so, as we now have the new “role avatars” feature, in the Role tags section next to each role it can show the icon of used avy too.



    i hope this isnt too confusing.

  3. Root warrior - 350 age - no tokens - 5 silver minimum bid


    Marksmen - 785 age - blooddrop3, blooddrop1, jewelshards, blackdiamonds, goldtear, claw1, claw2 - 10 silver minimun bid


    For those who dont know both crits are colored shop versions. Bid in coins only. Closing when i get satisfactory bid.


    Thank you for your time.

  4. Its probably better to give it to others. Im sure he is recieving payment.


    Nooooo! those are my coins! :angry:


    on a serious note i second that. deal has been made long before this popped out so its fair to pass the chance to others. im sure it wont go to waste because theres a lot of things around to draw as IAB pointed out in some of his posts.

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