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  1. so u still check in on the forum...

  2. im not weird. im limited edition :))

    1. Fire Starter

      Fire Starter

      Yes, like less than 2 of a kind ;)

  3. sort of.. :)))))

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    2. Neno Veliki
    3. The Great Pashweetie

      The Great Pashweetie

      XD a phoenix is a monster made out of fire... if you threw a match in it wouldnt hurt it, and it can make you into lava thank you!

    4. Neno Veliki

      Neno Veliki

      pashweetie u dont know the whole story so... shut your pie hole :D or ill send Peace after u :))) thank you

  4. come out come out wherever u are ;)

  5. ma joj privatne obaveze..

    i tebi sve najbolje! :)

  6. hey there! havent seen u for a while

  7. hey u killed me in two rounds! but ure still great guy, great player and a great friend! *pokes him few times*

  8. hey there! *waves with both hands* :)

  9. tnx. but its only beacause of all u girls and guys around me. ure sending a lot of good vibrations :)

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