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  1. Hello. I want to trade my Snowball for your Drachorns. Hit me with the offers.
  2. Fang the only moot point is you involving into something that's none of your business and you don't know enough about. Get your facts straight before you start running your mouth.
  3. Role/location is on the list. Therefore should be treated as all other roles/locations from that list, regardless of what you or i think about it.
  4. I kindly ask that location 1_3x0_2 Necrovion is made available for other candidates since the current role holder is inactive.
  5. What's with those that were given a guardian role but aren't active for several months?
  6. Neno Veliki

    Dark Queen

  7. Wind Drachorn - 15 goldReindrach - 8 gold
  8. Wind Drachorn - 784020 - 10gc Reindrach - 794019 - 7gc
  9. Wind Drachorn - 784020 - 9gc Reindrach - 794019 - 6gc
  10. Wind Drachorn - 784020 - 7gc Reindrach - 794019 - 5gc
  11. MDA with all other papers and literature it holds is a suitable place for that.
  12. You people still don't get it that those awful perma MP3-s actually kept the influx of new people alive and the second you decided to mess it up is the second that everything started to fall apart. Plus MP3 is restricted to complete unplayability and is boring AF and that's why nobody sticks anymore. All the philosophy, NPC-s and what not you're trying to come up with now can never replace the real people you had back then. I know that those responsible for that won't agree with me but facts are right here. Then we had new people and now you don't. Truth hurts. P.S. no offend intended to you Ungod, your initiative is praiseworthy.
  13. 6 gold for both Rustgolds. and 10 gold 6 silver for Madhorn.
  14. Could be that using land papers strips your armor off.
  15. whats the current price for the rusty?
  16. 7 gold and 10 silver for the Rein.
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