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    Archiving graphics, figure sketching, photography,
    hmmm....chopping off heads (online)
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    Ox Taurius the Red
  1. United Trees Of Blackwood or Unacceptable Treatment of Bob or Unidentified Tumbling Object by Blackwoodforest or Useless Talk Over Blackwoodforest :)

  2. Ox, why would I add you if we havent met ingame yet? lol you've never met Brightshield indeed but I believe you and SoulRider are friends, right?! ^^ oh yeah Happy Birthday man!!!!!! enjoy :)

  3. hello there buddy! i dont believe weve met in the game but you added me as a friend yesterday and it was my birthday so...err...i guess thanks. pinoy power! :)

  4. nice image! hi there too! *waves*

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