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  1. would be cool to have a few cool MD t-shirts
  2. redneck

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    lol i hope you know inno is naked xD
  3. redneck

    Page 2

    i like the pic but i wouldnt look at it has adam and mya xD
  4. redneck


    nice awesome drawing
  5. redneck

    Picture 273.jpg

    wheres your long tounge then youd definetly be the lead singer of Kiss
  6. redneck

    Picture 274.jpg

    are you trying to be like Kiss the band??
  7. hey1! how are you

  8. ooc:he looks like a model LOL

  9. currently i dont nned any grassans right now but if i nned some i know who to come too*points to grass*

  10. yay second to post XP

  11. yeah eh good a pool and i know by experince*winks*

  12. wow you got mp4 fast you shouldnt do that you should have waited for your crits to get age^^

  13. it is going to be pretty hard to train in mp3 and be powerful when your in an aliance so young

  14. i have a hot proctectoer too Sharazhad*dances the same happy jig sharazhad danced*

  15. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like deathray said *smiles at Pamps*

  16. waz up*smiles* thnx for the boost

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