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  1. I have a bit of gold and silver just chilling in my inventory and I love collecting crits. Im going to post some crits if you would like to sell just comment or pm me. 1 Sharptear 3 Santas 1 Morph 1 Sword Shade 5 Smsh Any colored hollow warriror 3 Molima 2 Darkling 1 Horseman 4 Tutorial shades 1 Elu colored or non colored doesnt matter 1 Colorless loreroot archer
  2. Id like to purchase item 1 and item 2. 25 plushies
  3. When trying to use the MB Land Cleanser this pops up whenever I go to put in said player name. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/marketitems/inc.mainpage_ui.php on line 116
  4. When I click my avatar this warning pops up: Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php on line 269
  5. 3 GC for Nutcracker and 2 GC for Santa #2
  6. Not sure if this was identified yet but when accessing any editable personal papers throws up some errors.
  7. Seems to come and go, it is happening to me right now.
  8. I would like to buy 3 shade type crits as well as 6 colored hollow warriors, doesnt matter what anni year. I will pay with gold/silver and or credits. Send personal PM or post on here what you have and we will make a deal. Thanks for your time.
  9. @Blackshade Rider no issues , I would like to bid 5gc on one Santa and 5gc on 1 sword shade
  10. I want to pull my bid on the Pimps, all other bids stay the same
  11. I'm going to go with 16464 EDIT: 1 GC each for 2 angiens 7 silver each for 2 TS 2 sc for 2 unhly popes(including the first 2 I bidded on at first)
  12. 2 silver for both popes 4 silver for aramor tenth
  13. As title says I want to buy 2 angiens and 2 pimped grassans
  14. That is fair, I will be more active this year so I am sure there will be ample opportunities to help with other tasks.
  15. I would like to help but I'm in the same boat as Shemhazaj
  16. 2 Reanimated roots 2 Shop aramors (colored)
  17. I'm still here to every once in a while, I remember ya
  18. I know ive had this selling before but now that I am active I can watch this topic better. As title says im selling a Snowball thats 1173 days old. Id like to trade creatures. Just hit me up with what you have either forum pm or topic. Might let this go as an auction too.
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