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  1. Send to checkers place thingy spell? :p (what Miq uses when renting out the room :p)
  2. Dear Mr A Corn,   Leaving aside your flawed belief that things which shouldn't have been said even exist, I wish to inform you that Acoustic Remains has an extra filter you should have been aware of: the caster. What reaches you is what the caster wants you to see. It's similar to what you see on television, actually... just one big conspiracy meant to keep the truth away from you by tying you down to a few tons worth of weight and throwing you in the murkiest pool of lies out there.   A simpler way of looking at it would be to realize that we're talking about Acoustic *Remains*
  3. Scores are as follows:   maximum score: 16 maximum opinion score: 4     1st place: Zleiphneir - 13.66 = Morph + Anniversary Aramor + 1 Wiiya Bubble (Rophs) 2nd place: Rhaegar - 10.66 = 1 Wish Point + 1 Wiiya Bubble (Rophs) 3rd place: Amber - 10.50 = 5 Gold Coins + 1 Wiiya Bubble (Rophs)   Best overall opinion: Zleiphneir - 2.83 = Wishpoint (Nimrodel)     I will try to spread the rewards tonight. Nim, Rophs: feel free to pass rewards whenever you're able to. :p   I will post the entries and authors with full scores (in this post, via edit) in a
  4. Results will be announced tomorrow, around 22:00 - 23:59 ST.   I apologize for the delay. :(
  5. Dear Mr Rubico from the 'Institute of old stuff we aren't sure wasn't just rubbish',   Before having life blown into them, these were indeed armors - high quality craftsmenship. They would have been called Armors, if the creators wouldn't have enjoyed doing more than one thing at a time. As it goes, one of the creators was testing the suit. As he was asked what name their work would bear, he took quite a blow to the face, where the suit provides less protection. Because of this, his reply sounded something like: "Ar-A-mor". Suffice it to say that the power of rumour did the rest.  
  6. Thanks. :) Here we go:   Playername: Asthir Player ID: 249730   Creature ID: 600573 Creature ID: 719457 Creature ID: 798598 Creature ID: 817743
  7. I don't have creatures at max level, however they maintain the last name they had at their max level, after every upgrade.   If I request this, will they return to normal? Meaning that, will an upgrade act properly and name it as it would have if the creature's name weren't modified?
  8. Dear Mrs Pedlington of the 'possible creatures that may have existed but we aren't quite sure if everything wasn't just a lizard at one point society,   I wish to inform you that Drachorns aren't called Dragons because the person who named them had an acute sneezing condition at the time of naming these majestic creatures. He masked it so well that everyone present loved the result.
  9. In clicky passwords containing apostrophes. (possibly quotes, too)
  10. I recreated this in Firefox by:   - opening both links you provided; - closing them without looking at them - opening them again - now when looking at both, you'll see both profiles have the same creatures (some missing, because the number of slots it shows depends on the number of creatures on the profile)
  11. You can go around this by typing this into the address bar:   www.magicduel.com/layout.php   Or so I've seen over the past few months :p
  12.   Would be nice for it to last a while longer, in case folks missed it :p
  13. Well, I'm not gonna scour the web to see if anyone made anything like that, so I'll just hope for originality :))   Thanks, I panicked a little bit there, too :p
  14. I love these ideas :D   [log='About this'][19/04/15 18:52] Chewett:These LHO alts should probably have some disctint names so we could watch them [...] [19/04/15 18:52] Chewett:And older MP3's should be discouraged from breaking/attacking them [/log]   What if I'm attacking with non-damage rituals in order to get losses, giving these alts wins and implicitly raising the honor gain per attack against them from new MP3s around? :p (I would attack, but never break the rituals)
  15. Using my endless skills with Paint, I present to you, The Silent Killer. The upper part is a speaker, the middle is a chip containing information, and the bottom serves 2 purposes I’ll clear out a bit later. Its size is a few millimeters across. Water proof. Shock proof. EM shock proof. (because technology allows it :p) This weapon is not designed for the battlefield. It’s an assassination method as cruel as I could come up with. It requires lots of time, observation and preparation. Essentially, you observe your victim for as long as it takes to figure out what and who they h
  16. (missunderstanding alert)   I believe dst means that she wishes the entries to be submitted annonymously. Not posted here under "annonymous".   Meaning that, people submit entries to someone else, that someone else gives them to you (DD) to judge, and that way you don't know whose entry is whose.
  17. Well... as much as I'd love to go through with this, I'll be away until next week, most likely...   But, good luck, folks :p
  18. Myth

    Even Odds

    It does, I'll be supplying the (possibly) 3 overload silver :p
  19. Myth

    Even Odds

    Adding a pinch of gambling. :P   Miq and myself will be throwing dice on May 23rd, fighting each other for a certain creature. Whoever throws the dice and gets odd values on most throws, wins the creature. This is where you come in. What you need to do is guess the outcome of the throws: will it be an even value, or will it be an odd value? Here are the details:   - Number of dice rounds = number of gamblers. - Minimum number of gamblers is 3. - Gamble is between 5 silver coins and 3 gold coins per player. (you may put in up to 3 gold if you wish, but this gives you no better
  20. Time's up!   Entries are being judged. :)   Please remember that, I will post these submissions here, in their entirety. I can leave out the name, or the whole thing, but only at your request. (PM me)
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