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  1. I saw that post before I made this thread, but this occurred for me while remaining on the MD tab.
  2. I couldn't find the original thread regarding tea not working properly   What was wrong with regular tea was that, if one was to consume and go into idle, the effect of the tea wouldn't happen according to the new (lowered) regeneration timer.   With the 10th Anni tea, idle isn't necessary.   - drink twice - refresh - wait for a tick - wait until there's 1 minute on timer to make sure tick happened - refresh - observe effect of one tick (works just fine)   Now...   - drink twice - refresh - wait 10/15/20 minutes (so that you don't go idle) - refresh
  3.   I'll supply the milk to help you out with possible burns coming from fresh out of the oven cookies :p
  4. Myth

    Even Odds

    Due to lack of activity so far:   - Sign-up period extended by 3 days: May 18th, 23:59 ST - Guess entry date remains the same: May 22nd, 23:59 ST - Game day remains the same: May 23rd
  5. Might not be too extreme, but I present the power of the mirror :D (had I thought of it when I began, I probably could have went for 8 :p)
  6. I'm interested in fresh ones, though I'll consider them otherwise if they don't exceed 10 silver coins per.   Contact me through whatever means you wish. :)     (Mythrandir)
  7.   Those are basically the moments when your "chosen" fights become unwise. Not because you stop caring about your reputation, but because you're driven by an influence capable of clouding any sense of educated predictions.
  8. Myth

    Even Odds

    What you propose indeed works better, if I wanted it to be fair. But I still want it to be a gamble to the very end. :p
  9. Considering you can't normally make a ritual with level 1&2 Angiens, I'll assume this is a bug. (also note that error at the top of this picture) How to reproduce: 1. Acquire Angien Egg 2. Get Angien Egg to level 3 (Angien) 3. Make ritual containing Angien 4. Give Angien to someone 5. Take Angien back 6. Fight with the ritual mentioned above
  10. Myth

    Even Odds

    Actually, I don't really see why not, considering the randomness of the event :p   Which reminds me; we'll throw:   12-sided Dice A beautiful 12 sided dice   Found in MB Capitol. Make sure you have one when the time comes. :p
  11. Myth

    Even Odds

    Game is officially underway.   All details have been added to the initial post.   (our little stand-off will happen, with or without any bets :p)
  12. 2nd target acquired ^_^   Don't worry about timing. As defender, you can idle around at any time; attackers will do most of the work :p
  13. Myth


    Aaand seems to be fixed :p
  14. Myth


    Not sure if it's just me, but sites which check this sort of thing seem to think that www.magicduel.com is down :p   In-game links do nothing. It won't get off the page if I refresh. It simply shows me an "open" Gazebo.
  15. Experiment has changed, slightly. (initial post not updated with details)   dst, your caster services are no longer required, but I could use you as a second defender, in case Nim can't be around when this'll take place, and if you don't mind being under the effect of GA for a few minutes :p
  16. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pirates_of_Dark_Water   Mur was extremely upset about the abrupt ending of this series and the fact that no full explanation was given regarding "dark water". As a result, he created MD for the purpose of understanding what "dark water" actually was, masking it as "black water", and handing out clues to match those available in the series, in the hope of someone figuring it out.   The rule regarding research spoilers is there to ensure that points of view aren't tainted, so that everyone can have their own view on the matter = more possibilities m
  17. Initial post updated. Looking to fill one more spot: attacker :p
  18. Time isn't an issue on my part, this little experiment can take place whenever, as I'm not in a hurry.   As long as you can be around twice for up to 8-10 minutes at a time (to perform 2 attacks during the effect of one GA cast) it's awesome :p   The 2 instances can happen separately, according to each caster's availability.   Defender requires close to no activity; they can idle as long as they meet the requirements above. :)   Sooo... pick a spot :p
  19. I'll break it down schematically:   4 MP5 players - 2 casters - 1 attacker - 1 defender Caster requirements: - 1st caster must be a member of any alliance - 2nd caster must not be a member of any alliance - both casters must have at least 6 difference creatures besides healers/protectors - both casters must not have a creature majority of healers/protectors - both casters should have at least one cast of Guardian Army (OPTIONAL) - both casters must cast GA on a specified target at a specified moment ***What might be implied: - low-high VE loss (1st battle) - low-high profile
  20. It is all a matter of time and/or patience.   I can spend quite a while coming up with rituals for the purpose of cleansing one’s self, to no actual effect. The truth – my truth – is that there is only one way; you could even call it a ritual. In order to bring one to its initial, untainted (or pure) state, you simply need a Fenth Press.   If we follow up on the belief that initially we are energy, it’s only logical that anything and everything which attaches to this energy is some sort of taint.   Now, this is me disproving Ary’s first 2 stat
  21. Saving the trouble   https://magicduel.titanpad.com/6
  22. As promised, the entries - in the order they were submitted. Scores were given by 6 judges based on the following criteria: - Logic [0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5] - Relation to MD [0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4] - Creativity [0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4] - Insight [0 - 1 - 2 - 3] - Personal overall opinion [0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4] (entries given to judges lacked the names of the participants; judges will remain anonymous - my decision) Entries 01. Land Pass Papers These documents allow his holder to enter the land of [land name]. They can be used just a few times so plan your moves and times. These paper
  23. As per Lania's post: Asthir has this minor issue also :p
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