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  1.   Sounds like a nice idea, but would perhaps need a new token, along with a whole new design on counting creature wins; the token supposed to give this bonus has a name to go with the ability :p     It isn't; this bonus is capped at 300 max. It's also one of the bugged tokens - it doesn't kick in yet.
  2. johannesk (ID: 253995) - just turned MP4, says he can't see NPCs; also says he can't reply in this topic: "You cannot reply to this topic"
  3. The Taint will eventually call, and you will undoubtedly hear it. Depending on the strength of its call (measured by how badly it feels that you would be a good addition) and the strength of your resolve (how connected you are to whatever else), this call will be answered sooner or later, but not never. The Taint has time and diversity on its side. As time goes forward, things change, and no matter how cunning one deems him/herself, they will never outwit these natural laws.   Ritualistic or spiritualistic methods? Your every day actions are a part of these categories. Waking up, eating
  4. Creature Auras - as I don't know if you were including them in the "Creatures (level, type) used" line
  5. I don't know if they can, but it would indeed help. And while on the subject, there's also the issue of some stats being displayed rounded. This makes it so that there's little to no clue what stats are being addeed to.   Examples:   Do we have a base attack of 7, to which we add 50% = 10.5? --- how does this get rounded?   Do we have a base attack of 6.8 (displayed as 6 or 7), to which we add 50% = 9 if 50% is added to displayed rounded down value = 10.2 if 50% is added to actual value = 10.5 if 50% is added to displayed rounded up value --- and then how do these get
  6. Ary also mentioned adding starting stats for creatures, before combat actually commences. This would also help a lot with debugging, as it would make effects clearer during combat. These could go directly underneath each creature, as No one layed them above. Disabling non combat stats during combat would also be nice.   For example:   [spoiler]Loading Asthir creatures BloodPact Dark Archer (id:694921; type:33; level:3; slot:1) VE:[value]; att:[value]; pow:[value]; def:[value]; reg:[value]; ini:[value] BloodPact Dark Archer (id:828561; type:33; level:3; slot:2) VE:[value]; att
  7.   That's indeed so, and it applies for Martir as well. If this is the way it is supposed to work, it should be specified in their descriptions.
  8. Having all that info in each round will clutter it to hell. :P At the least, it can be mentioned once in the Influence tab, since you can switch tabs quickly and when returning to Rounds it will have remembered exactly where you were. ID and Slot should be enough in the Rounds tab.   Influences for [player name] ###### [creature name] ([ID], [type], [level], [slot]): [creature ability]   ID goes a long way to help since we can now determine what creature is in which slot by using the Combat Action section. (hover mouse over creature and link ID to slot, then corelate with Export) A
  9. There's no way I can make a complete list of things, but I'll try adding as I think of them. Some of the below are inspired by Ary's previous post.   Need to be added - creature ID in log, maybe after the name - % of gained lost VE at the end of battles in which one party suffers 100% losses - round name for Round 0 - temporary effect lines which for some reason show only the slot it applies to, but not the effect which either ceased or was refreshed   Are broken - as stated above, burst stats don't get added - Weaken Defense, as explained above (lots or red.blue text :P) -
  10. I'm pretty sure I came up with the right numbers in the 3rd post, and it only took 3 or so hours :))
  11. This is an extract of effects only from the first log, differentiated by slots. First thing's first; creatures:   Slot 1: Santa (defense = base 5 + profile 92.3 = 97) Slot 2: Animated Tree I (defense = base 5 + profile 92.3 = 97) Slot 3: Animated Tree I (defense = base 5 + profile 92.3 = 97) Slot 4: Hallow Warrior (defense = base 15 + profile 92.3 = 107) Slot 5: Hallow Warrior (defense = base 15 + profile 92.3 = 107) Slot 6: Hallow Warrior (defense = base 15 + profile 92.3 = 107) (again, note that extra 8.3 defense from burst is missing)   Next thing, ability description:
  12. There was also a 3rd battle I didn't save in which the extra VE from the burst didn't get added. The timer showed about 6 minutes at the time. While it's possible that this was a timer error, and that it was just resetting when I attacked, I can't prove it. Just thought to mention it. Not the case with the battles in the above post. (all logs are now gone due to bursts)
  13. Two examples, of almost identical battles.   First one, incoming attack from Ilidria (attacker) on Asthir (defender) = 3 * Hollow Warrior, 2 * Animated Tree I, 1 * Santa - all set to heal.   Asthir's profile defense is 554 - it was 604 due to burst at the time - so each creature should have gotten another 100 defense on top of their base defense.   Notice the 1st round (the one with no number attributed to it = ROUND 0 ?), 3rd (ROUND 2) and the 6th+7th rounds (ROUND 5, ROUND 6)   [spoiler]Loading Ilidria creatures Loading Asthir creatures COMBO: Adding 766 combo v
  14. I can't edit my above post.   Adding another ID: 817752
  15. I just attacked Eagle's Root Warriors (2 of them at 3.8k VE each) with the same ritual mentioned above, and the 2nd screen is similar - it shows he lost 0% VE. Looking through the log, I saw both of his trees "die". Reviewing the export from the fight with Apo, again, all of his creatures died throughout the rounds.   I think this is just a display issue, or some missing files. 100% just shows as 0% instead.   The case in the initial post is similar for all fights beginning 2.5 hours ago. Before that, logs are normal.
  16. Attacker: Mythrandir Creatures: 1. Chaos Archer - Damage - all 2. Grasan Huvourer - Weaken Defense - all 3. Grasan Huvourer - Weaken Defense - all 4. Remains - Martir - random 5. Remains - Martir - random 6. Remains - Martir - random Defender: apophys Creatures: 1. Elemental (max) - Steal Life - multiple 2. Pope (max) - Martir - dying 3. Pope (max) - Martir - dying 4. Remains - Martir - dying 5. Remains - Martir - dying 6. Remains - Martir - dying Outcome screenshot: Inside log screenshot: "Battle Result" screenshot: (missing VE win/loss %) [
  17. So, after voting on a recent quest, the drop-down list gets updated with many other older quests, as you can see below. I tried to vote on one such quest I had participated in - A Recurrent Nightmare - and got the following: You can't vote on them anymore. Minor bug, in my opinion.
  18.   That represents your view based on what they are worth to you. They might be worth more or less than that to Richy. :p
  19. Myth

    Buying Pimps

    Deals done, thread can be closed. Thanks!
  20. Myth

    Buying Pimps

    One down, one to go   Further details on what I offer:   - 2 silver if fresh - 1 silver extra per one or two tokens (depending on how useful they are for this creature) - 1 silver extra per 1 mil heat - 1 silver extra per 1 year of current age - as stated in the first post, no more than 10 silver total
  21. Myth

    Even Odds

    Event failed, thread can be closed.   Sorry, Miq. You don't get to gamble after all :p
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