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  1. No One proposed 2 things.     I elaborated his second proposal.
  2. I'm gonna bump this with the following suggestion:   5 level WP Shop spell   Resource Protection "When cast on a resource in a scene, anyone who brings that resource below 1/5th of its maximum value, or gathers when the resource is already below 1/5th of its maximum value, is sent and movelocked in [insert resourceless scene here] for a period of time dependent on the spell level."   Level 1: 00+4 casts; 030 min movelock; 02 hour protection Level 2: 04+4 casts; 060 min movelock; 04 hour protection; can now be cast on 2 resources in the same scene Level 3: 08+4 casts; 12
  3.   I rather like the sound of quest related NPCs
  4.   You have until September the 26th to learn :p
  5. Announcement   Luck is a problematic stat for the purpose of this tournament. Because of this, I am simplifying things a bit. Every scenario will be thought out with no personal influence involved. Therefor, the following no longer apply:  
  6. That's when I mix up 2 pieces of the set which give power. When I mix them all (6 pieces) the bonus 75% is applied, but with a little extra to some of the stats. This is the part I couldn't figure out.   For instance, E.I. comes from 2 set pieces only and it adds up to what it should. Granted, I don't have a lot of it, but it's accurate.   Every other stat gets an extra ~2%-6% of set bonus (base stat value is not included in the math, since the set bonus adds to stats gained from equipment only) compared to the value it should normally give.   But regardless of the combina
  7.   I can confirm the stats get added in battle. The only issue I've noticed is with the math.   Values don't differ greatly from what they should be: ~3 extra defense considering a base value of ~550 and 6 set pieces equipped (+75% from set bonus only).   But it's there, and I'm guessing higher base values will cause greater differences.
  8. This is the page: http://magicduel.com/pages/help.info.php?p=profileinfo   The following pieces are inaccurate, as far as I could test/observe:   1. General Profile   a) "The attributes from the first source are your initial stats and they come as a reward from the story and from both your won and lost fights." --- story is gone; "initial" (I'd call them "base") stats come from more than that   b) "The attributes from the fourth source come from magic and illusions and are often temporary and require greater activity and knowledge within the realm to obtain." --- a
  9. To make it work now, manually add https:// in front of the pages... dunno why, but that did the trick for me. (I'm in the game now)
  10. Please take these off my hands :p   3 Elementals, 566 days old CTC819124UMTAK85MDC84TEC27N53H CTC819125UTADP30MDC583TAH613T46Z CTC819126UTSEF50MDC747ROL635Z41A   Grasan, 2253 days old CTC502070EXTAA79MDC291GUX786P59F   Grasan, 618 days old CTC816027ARCAZ88MDC86EXY440N31X   They come from different accounts of mine. No charge. Preparing space for the tournament :P
  11. Let's see, now..   Scenario 1: everything went well, but he forgot to plug the server in / power it on Scenario 2: he fell asleep mid-way Scenario 3: this is an experiment designed to let him know how well we cope without MD Scenario 4: the message is a lie because:   (yes, a bit bored at work :p)
  12. I do wonder who would win if we had a count of how many times each of us refreshed :D
  13. The one to the right is the 2nd Guard, from what I remember.   I can't be sure about this, but it's possible the second Guard will give that message as long as the first isn't defeated. You'd have to test to make sure.
  14. Does this occur when you click the guard to the left, the one to the right, or either of them?
  15. Introduction Hello everyone, and welcome to this first instance of the Precision Tournament - Heat Dumping.   Description The purpose of this tournament is pretty much self explanatory. I'll provide the targets - one for each Mind Power level - and you'll provide the heat. What you need to do is give your designated target the amount of profile heat I specify for each of you, or at least come close to it, by whatever means you posses.   Mechanics 1. The tournament will consist of 3 rounds 2. Each round will consist of 1 ritual (different for each round) which everyone will b
  16. 157 unread, in this case. Clicking the link loads all unread, and breaks the window as shown below.   http://i.imgur.com/OhNW1sR.jpg   Also tried with - 8 unread on Round Root - everything was fine - 76 unread on Asthazar - everything was fine   It's possible that the number of announcements isn't what's breaking the window, but one of the announcements itself because of its layout.   Suspect: http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3501 - this ann. was not in the range of unread anns. for Round Root and Asthazar.
  17. Addendum.   The "Cloud message" example doesn't work if 1st account has the option, but the 2nd one doesn't. The other settings, however, get remembered from the 1st account as described above.
  18. This refers to the settings in the right in game panel.   Steps to reproduce:   1. log in with an account 2. go to the log in page without logging out 3. log in with another account (which has different settings from the first; example: cloud messages)   The settings from the second account will be replaced by those of the first.   Tested on Chrome and Firefox, happens on both.   This can be avoided if step 2 begins by logging the first account out.
  19. Posting as requested   This was mentioned during the recent tests regarding MP3 stats. I'm not entirely sure how to reproduce it, but I think it happens when an MP3 loses its first battle. (I recall reading this from someone else in chat, also)   Steps:   - logged in Mythanew - attacked Burz Garmadh successfully - proceeded to attack Witch - 1st screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/C4Af08X.jpg - 2nd screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/gDP4C3u.jpg   2nd screenshot appeared after attacking Witch, instead of the combat; when I went to view the log, it played normally
  20. Messages announcing 10k heat or 100 wins/losses appear once you try to attack somebody while you meet the set requirements. They don't show up immediately upon fulfilling the requirements.   Breakdown - steps:   1. player fights 2. player reaches requirement A or B 3. player does not receive appropriate message (yet) 4. player attacks again 5. player now receives appropriate message   Suggestion: Step 3 becomes step 5. Steps 4 and 5 disappear.
  21. Myth

    New ideas

    "View all announcements" filtering   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16698-view-all-announcements-filtering/
  22. Would anyone be interested in being able to filter out announcements as follows:   - see only Stage [insert number] announcements - see only announcements posted by player [insert name] - see only announcements containing specified words/phrases - see all but System announcements - see only System announcements - in light of the new Like system, see only the more popular announcements (n+ likes)   ?
  23. Considering its administrative role, I'd probably see the Elu as a valid MDA creature :p
  24. Nope, [darkshield] not [darksky] :P   As for tests, the battle reports are in post 10 of this thread:   - log 1: tokens have a visible effect - log 2: defense is reduced to 0   How I know defense got reduced to 0:   - tree base defense is 5, 0% slider was used - even if [darkshield]'s 50% chance failed, defense from [goldbelt] should have been added - tree fights against 2 Imps: 40 [base attack] * 1.5 [Imp. 1 bonus] * 1.5 [Imp. 2 bonus] = 90 attack each - both Imps do 90 damage throughout the entire 2nd fight, meaning no defense was added from [goldbelt] and the
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