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  1. I checked 2 of my accounts, but I'm willing to bet they all show this. None of them have any avatars.
  2. Also: There are several more occurrences, however I think they're correct, as they refer to amounts of spent $, and not to amounts of gained credits. P.S.: inserting images places them at the top of the post, not where the cursor (is that what it's called?) is.
  3. Is there a way to play around with the layout? I can't stand reading the forum on half of the page. while the other half is occupied with "Recently Browsing" etc. and only uses the top 6 rows of the page. Leads to a LOT of scrolling, especially when you have to read, for instance, essay quests..
  4. @dst - your links send people to this page, instead of the pictures.
  5. This update gives stalking a run for its definition. As a guest, I can see everybody's every registered action, in almost perfect condition. Even though saying this might lead to some unwanted changes (which makes me a horrible stalker), I simply couldn't resist saying it. Otherwise, I strongly dislike the WHITENESS. Edit: said I had 45 notifications. Clicking the icon showed none. Clicking "View All" also showed none.
  6. Myth

    Influence slider

    Nope. As per Miq's example, both sliders be taken under consideration as a whole, creating a 200:100 % ratio. For 200% cumulated (VE and stats) you get 0% token power, for 160% cumulated you get 20% token power and so on. Like Miq, I simply don't see the imbalance. I can't think of a concrete example which would jepordize the current combat system. :-/
  7. Myth

    Influence slider

    Can't this be fixed by separating the token power bonus? - attack with 0% VE and 0% stats = 100% tokens - attack with 100% VE and 0% stats (or vice-versa) = 50% tokens - attack with 100% VE and 100% stats = 0% tokens - and so on You get the idea..
  8. Myth

    Influence slider

    It's a nice idea, though I'd see it more like a gained ability, instead of a default option
  9. I don't even care about the flags, since proxies can hide your country. I see alts in everyone regardless of the flag... it's in the tone :p
  10. I don't see what could prevent that from happening.. screenshots and out of MD communicating As for what Jail is: - a damp and dark place to rot for a while in, after wronging someone, no? - definitely not the equivalent of a ban - could use some visiting hours.. but make sure to thoroughly check us for magical escape pins, or the likes *cough* :p
  11. A little bird tells me that prizes have been given out accordingly. :p Topic may be closed. Thank you! :D
  12. Round 3 has ended! [hr] Scoring! Procedure: - players had to provide X heat - for every 10% of X above or below X, 1% score was subtracted for that player, in that round - additional points were given provided 2nd goals were met - exception: Round 3 - Option 3, where 0 score was given if either of the goals were failed Format: Entry number. Player name (option 1/2) = provided heat / required heat (+/-) = score % Screen shots (+/- represents whether or not goal 2 was reached for extra points) [log="Round 1"] 1. Rophs = 5.616 / 1.800 = 78,80% http://i.imgur.com/egejqn6.jpg http:/
  13. No stats are allowed, which means no slider usage. :P Question @Juba: What about Pimps? :p
  14. I'm adding 2 days to this round since I can't be around very often. I can be on: - 10:00 - 17:00 ST (slight chances) - 20:00 - 00:00 ST (maybe 01:00) Modified dates: [...] 5. Oct 11th - Oct 28th - round 3 takes place (2 days added because 12th and 24th are Days of Tranquility) 6. Oct 29th - Nov 4th - scoring 7. Nov 5th - Nov 11th - prize distribution
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