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  1. Item 2 - 10th Anni: 55 Plushies Item 3 - 12th Anni: 25 Plushies Item 4 - 14th Anni: 15 Plushies
  2. You don't have to change everything, what's wrong for you doesn't mean it's wrong for everyone else; chill, take a deep breath, and embrace the moment.

  3. Item 11: 16th anniversary piece of cake (x1), please. Price: 5 plushies -- and Item 2: Anni custom pin badge (x 1) Price: 10 plushies (Which is a treat from Lady @Ailith ) 🥰
  4. I'm going all in for the Drach. If it's mine, it's mine, if it's not, please make it mine. :'3 Item 5 - Wind Drachorn egg: 100 Plushies
  5. This was my wish, in the past, when I participated in the head contest, but then I realized that this is the concept of attacking people secretly or randomly; you'll never know what greets you, you never know what will hit you back.
  6. I did try to put my current avi into the vault several times before, but it didn't work. It's been a long time since I last dealt with changing avatars from the shop, so I thought there was a system change about that (maybe when I buy a new avatar I'll get ATC or something), well apparently not. Despite all, this is my fault, my fault for not asking first. Thank you for all the help.
  7. No, because I haven't unlock the gold avatar feature yet. So, there's only one gold avatar for now? That's not too hard then. Okay thank you.
  8. So, let say I just made a terrible noob mistake, so incase anyone found him in the shop, I'm willing to buy him back. 😭
  9. I don't know if it should be written as heat scars, or whether it mean literal experience. This "Adanced" one is on creature card page.
  10. I'm sorry, due to some technical difficulties, I couldn't carry out the fight, so Else advanced to the next round.
  11. Thank you, Kaya and all the voters, also congrats to you two, Ungod and DG.
  12. Thank you, Ungod and SoE. I really appreciate that. *bow*
  13. Ah, okay. I was just passing by and was thinking about reporting it in case it missed, thanks.
  14. Missing 1 movement arrow text From Power's Ascent (Coord: 1_-3x-2_1) To Storm Ferry (1_-3x-1_1)
  15. Normalize to call this a community rather than just a game.

  16. People say I can get extra ve and other temporary stats by enabling burst, how do I do that?
  17. Happy birthday, Fyrd! To pickles supremacy, and beyond! 🍰

    1. Fyrd Argentus

      Fyrd Argentus

      Thanks, Poppi! 

      Still 7 hours off for me....  (glad you reminded me; at my age it's not such a big positive deal....)

    2. Poppi Chullo

      Poppi Chullo

      Well, MD actually reminded me. :)) 

      It may be true that it's not a big deal, but considering that you're still breathing right now, it's a positive deal for sure. God speed!

  18. So I seem to have a problem with closing every pop up window, because obviously there is no close button and wherever I click it still doesn't close. I have to refresh to be able to close the pop up. For example, like this veteran active button: And especially for inventory pop up it leaves a transparent mark like this: As for the sidebar menu it doesn't seem to work for me, every button from the bottom menu is no longer integrated with the sidebar, whatever I click on below it just brings up a pop up that I can't close (like picture 1) and the sidebar only shows the mood panel all the time. I use Windows 10 with Edge browser.
  19. I need more wins to upgrade my creatures but I don't want an extra heat/XP.
  20. I want to send some creatures and items to my other account.
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