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  1. You don't have to change everything, what's wrong for you doesn't mean it's wrong for everyone else; chill, take a deep breath, and embrace the moment.

  2. Normalize to call this a community rather than just a game.

  3. Happy birthday, Fyrd! To pickles supremacy, and beyond! 🍰

    1. Fyrd Argentus

      Fyrd Argentus

      Thanks, Poppi! 

      Still 7 hours off for me....  (glad you reminded me; at my age it's not such a big positive deal....)

    2. Poppi Chullo

      Poppi Chullo

      Well, MD actually reminded me. :)) 

      It may be true that it's not a big deal, but considering that you're still breathing right now, it's a positive deal for sure. God speed!

  4. Happy birthday, my old friend Trista "Amoran K. Kol" Morris, wish you always well with everything you do. 🍰

  5. I still remember that old cute-dinosaur figure. Happy birthday, Yoshi! 🍰

  6. Happy birthday, Burnsy! 🍰

  7. Hey, @Neno Veliki, kinda miss you buddy. I hope you're doing well.

  8. Happy birthday, CM and Nadrolski. God speed! 🍰

    1. Ungod


      The cake is not a lie!

    2. Pipstickz


      Happy co-birthday to the co-birthday Marind Bell fighters!

    3. Mallos
  9. Happy birthday, Sunfire. 🍰

  10. You all fossils are legendary. I'm impressed.

  11. Don't make promises in your bio that your feed can't keep.

  12. I've killed that guy that killed your killer. Rest in peace.

  13. the toilet stop breathing. i think it's dead.

    1. dst


      Mouth to mouth resuscitation!

    2. Aeoshattr


      I want to be able to upvote statuses and status comments. +1 to you two.

  14. 4 years and i'm still in jail? okay, i want my lawyer now! and triple cheese burger. or a medal, for the record. please?

  15. lalala yeyeye.. ^sigh

  16. Banana! Banana! nom nom nom!

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    2. nadrolski


      Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs. Bananas in pyjamas are coming down in pairs.

    3. Shemhazaj


      Banana Flambe! *sets Poppi's avy on fire*

    4. Poppi Chullo

      Poppi Chullo

      LOL.. Crazy! Yes, all of you!

  17. "I'll kill you! stab u over and over, burn ur flesh and blood!! and then eat them crazily! Are u scareeeedd??!! No?...RaaawwWrrRR!!.. How 'bout now?" >_>

  18. "Ok, i saw those necros, those elementals too, so.. Where's Riddick?"

  19. "great, now i can't watch any Hollywood's movie, that's great! Good job Indonesia! *muttering*

  20. "Good morning.. Infidels.."

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    2. Curiose


      Hello, creator of which I must kill for I shall rule the world! *cough* I mean. Please no kill Curi master! No kill!!

    3. Jubaris



    4. Curiose


      I will touch you if I want, Rhaegar! I shall touch you and you shall LIKE IT!!

  21. "my recent status is.. Hungry"

  22. OMG..bun bun, thats a Spoiler! X'D

  23. MagicDuel Forum! Coooooll... ^^

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