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  1. yeahp salad bar works!

  2. yow zalabar! hmm i cant think of a pun for ya yet.. xD

  3. yow buddy! facebook account?? xD pa add ehehe

  4. hello peace.. or darkpriestess! :)

  5. hey ya shadow of mcvities!

  6. those alt accounts unrelated or unconnected to the said occurrence should never have been banned. it is absolutely unjustifiable! the issue to be addressed.. why ban UP's other alt accounts whereas he only used mp2s in the event? and to think that the use of such mp2s were for a selfless motive..for a greater cause.. for the benefit of the many! his purpose obviously outweighs his alleged crime. this, in a sense, may be paralleled to the good samaritan law.. xD also this situation is just one of the many proofs that the end does justify the means..
  7. hello xinhun.. scary eye you got there..xD

  8. hello! .Peace. be with you!

  9. yow krazedkid! grazed shall be thy name!

  10. fawe. fawe.. fawn?

  11. willow's shop as location? wew.. lol

  12. hello there.. astaroche.. lol

  13. hi.. thought it would be rude to visit your profy without sayin anythin.. so hi again.. xD

  14. ooh..rpc thingy.. don't really get it..still, congratulations!

  15. Hello, pam! xD just clickin on things on this forum.. lol.. happened to pass on sagey's prof first, i think.. then yours.. :D so how are you? haven't seen you in md for quite a while..:)

  16. hello.. hmm still new here.. so, sorry for visiting without leaving a message..

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