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  1. hey. want an aged grasan? :)

  2. hello.. thought it would be rude to visit yer page without saying hi.. so hi.. :D

  3. redneck.. what would you trade my aged grasans for? :D

  4. sure.. it's 100+ days old.. so if it would be transferred.. do the math.. hehe :D

  5. Retrograde amnesia, anterograde amnesia, confabulation, Korsakoff's.. xD

  6. ready to give me wins? *laughs*

  7. hey there rendril revant..

  8. hi arianna.. the never-bored one.. xD

  9. :D how have you been, Hohenheim of light?
  10. lol damn those chicks

  11. may kamukha e. napanod ko sa tv.. ehe!

  12. ahaha okie lang bro! kaw yan sa pic mo? haha! uu naman.. dahil sakin nalaman mu ung mga chat commands xD

  13. ooh t'was bcoz of me starPuck! oh and congrats on joinin savelites

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