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  1. uhh.. thanks, i guess.. :D

  2. new world, new era.

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    2. february


      great gale bo? haha living legend ya io..

    3. Allyce


      are you trying to make a new world too? like pain? or madara?

      i'm joking of course :P

    4. zeTsu grass

      zeTsu grass

      haha! nah.. i'll be the one to kill madara! :))

  3. is selling aged grasans.. any trades? deals? other crits for sale too!

  4. thanks sage.. hmm what do you mean by others? others like who? :D

  5. wow thnx bro! rockistah bokistah! :D

  6. :) yeah been here.. done that.. xD
  7. wui! long time no see!

  8. good luck for tomorrow's exam. whatever it may be. :)

  9. ledah....hhh.. *coughs and spits out blood*

  10. sorry for visiting your profile without leaving a message. :)

  11. sure. bpa for an uncolored joker.

  12. hey. want an aged grasan? :)

  13. hello.. thought it would be rude to visit yer page without saying hi.. so hi.. :D

  14. redneck.. what would you trade my aged grasans for? :D

  15. sure.. it's 100+ days old.. so if it would be transferred.. do the math.. hehe :D

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