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  1. uhh.. thanks, i guess.. :D

  2. oh my.. i noticed your posts are somehow selfish.. and one-sided.. Burns, u have to have a way of proving that 20 mp3s were involuntarily, unknowingly capped, and under undue force! otherwise, this petition is ridiculous, a plain joke. as for the others' comments.. they all say he's "not an mp3" mp3.. and they keep airing senseless ideas.. feb has done no wrong.. and still you insist he has done something wrong.. he has attained great knowledge at mp3.. so what? it's never your choice to decide for feb. in fact, he helps mp3s, as he had said. where's the sin in that?
  3. new world, new era.

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    2. february


      great gale bo? haha living legend ya io..

    3. Allyce


      are you trying to make a new world too? like pain? or madara?

      i'm joking of course :P

    4. zeTsu grass

      zeTsu grass

      haha! nah.. i'll be the one to kill madara! :))

  4. is selling aged grasans.. any trades? deals? other crits for sale too!

  5. thanks sage.. hmm what do you mean by others? others like who? :D

  6. *waves* Thank you for all those Bursts at GGG. You are a good man. I don't care what the others think....X D

  7. Happy Birthday, Sorry im late. Cause your not inviting me.heheeh

  8. wow thnx bro! rockistah bokistah! :D

  9. Happy Birthday Bro.

    Rak En RoL!

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