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  1. Glad to read this treaty for mutual cooperation between our two regions, I see indeed that both Nevadar and you have done a great job, there is nothing to say against this document in my case. Well fight together to defend our regions in a possible threat or emergency, alright?
  2. Intresting. I laughed when I realised that you had a respawn of worshippers, that made me laugh, both me and the creature was just killing them.
  3. How would the victim not see it protruding from the toilet unless they were suffering from explosive diarrhea and sat down really fast without looking?
  4. Is morality objective or subjective? Is it ridged or does it change? I’m a full on Utilitarian, in that I’d classify myself as a “detailed Rule”, that there are many exceptions the "the rule"; with a splash of Act. But not a full blown Act. I don’t believe that any action has a positive or negative moral value outside of the context the act is taken in. That means that there exists even if only in hypothetical morally good examples of murder, rape, theft, lying ect So, morality is subject to circumstance, culture, time. And good moral actions are actions that do the most good.
  5. If its just the cone problem, you can glue it back on with super glue. But if the handle is broken, it needs a new one. Its quite tricky fixing on a new handle, so be careful.
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