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  1. finaly i got internet back will be online tonight :D

    1. Guest


      Can you make avatar for me?

    2. keida


      aww, but when will you be on again?

  2. happy real happy birthday and many many happy years *hughs*
  3. iam back you all soon there is a partyyyyyyyyyyy be ready :D

  4. ladytwin


    a smile can travel the whole world so try it out (got no idea from who it is )
  5. al are great it is a shame that not all can win i cant vote so sory it is to hard al are to great
  6. not for me but just to help you i would like to help *winks*
  7. yes she is windy is looks like a queen so beutifull
  8. welcome to the best game ever i hope to see you soon in the game and my best advice is simple just have fun
  9. got not mush to say yoshi this news is taking all the thinks out of my head and leaves nothing more then the wish that you will be fine. i will pray and wish all the best and that it will be ok again
  10. happy birthday yoshi *gives a big hug*
  11. iam sad to hear that two of the my friends are leaving ore taking time out just wile iam planning my time back in this game *grins* demons cant be killed that easy and soon the time is near iam back to find that two of my friends are not longer there i will miss you both
  12. *hughs indy en laughs * i did not forget you happy birthday dear friend soon i will party again whit you
  13. i will come back so get ready for a party that will bleak md *grins* but when i dont know ;)

  14. due to so many reactions i will reconcider but stil i will take a leaf of absence for how long i dont know untill now i still feel that md is losing its soul it makes me sad when i play md the last months and i play for fun not to feel hurt ore sad. until we meet again dont no where dont no when [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHcunREYzNY"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHcunREYzNY[/url]
  15. ok iam leaving tomorrow is my last day if you want my pets ore things pm me here ore in game tomorrow and if i think you deserve something i will give it to you most people her made playing no fun for me any more roleplay is not the most important thing ok have fun but whit out me
  16. happy birthday to you ailith and may happy years
  17. [color="#0000ff"]*smiles and sings to him* [/color] [font="Century Gothic"][color="#000000"]Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear manuuuuuuuu happy birthday to youuu[/color][/font]
  18. [quote name='Burns' date='02 March 2010 - 02:38 PM' timestamp='1267537081' post='55619'] Leave people rot until somebody feels like saving them? Like... mass teleports each sunday? [/quote] *giggles* i can live whit that one then i go in on saterday and be out on sunday *smiles big*
  19. lol iam so bad at this game i a have -2 copper and few cents *wonders if culter will ask rent for being in the red*
  20. the first rod and hook are free *winks*
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