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  1. finaly i got internet back will be online tonight :D

    1. Guest


      Can you make avatar for me?

    2. keida


      aww, but when will you be on again?

  2. iam back you all soon there is a partyyyyyyyyyyy be ready :D

  3. yes she is windy is looks like a queen so beutifull
  4. i will come back so get ready for a party that will bleak md *grins* but when i dont know ;)

  5. ladytwin

    flower from Hell

    From the album: some drawings i made long time ago

    © © MagicDuel.com

  6. *smiles* love your art :D

  7. hi granos and thanks *smiles* for sponoring me

  8. ok mp 5 216 days main princple Transposition Principle and you know why *winks*
  9. ladytwin

    ohhh yeah baby!

    my female tree would love him *giggles*
  10. i got : [b]Raw Emerald this one could be used for healing ore something like that, a spell that has to be recarched every 2 weeks [/b][b]Worn High Heels [/b] and this one i got no idea *giggles* if any other has let me know *winks*
  11. happybirthday to you happybirthday to you :D

  12. i find that age and wp getting is a real good thing but alts no way that will corrupt the game i dont like alts in the game mostly expect a few that realy play different carracters but most alts are there for the main.
  13. love the mug mur great *smiles* cant wait to see more things *winks*
  14. i want a t shirt whit i am hooked on........and on the back MD come and join whit logo i am shure others will join then
  15. i had it already :P hoping on going home soon

  16. even when you not spaar il like you *winks*

  17. when you are mailing others in rl and wirte *is smiling* in the mail ore * waves*
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