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Status Updates posted by ladytwin

  1. finaly i got internet back will be online tonight :D

    1. Guest


      Can you make avatar for me?

    2. keida


      aww, but when will you be on again?

  2. iam back you all soon there is a partyyyyyyyyyyy be ready :D

  3. i will come back so get ready for a party that will bleak md *grins* but when i dont know ;)

  4. *smiles* love your art :D

  5. hi granos and thanks *smiles* for sponoring me

  6. happybirthday to you happybirthday to you :D

  7. i had it already :P hoping on going home soon

  8. even when you not spaar il like you *winks*

  9. would be nice a friendship *smiles* i like you

  10. your drawing is ready for some time now but i get no responce why ??*wonders about it*

  11. *winks at him* so you dont have time for fun

    that is all my non alli is a bout having fun


  12. *chuckles but shivers at the idea that he is glad she is mp5

  13. *smiles and waves to him* hi there

  14. happy birtday to you happy birtday to you happy birtday happy birtday happy birtday to you :D

  15. *huhgs her bubble*

  16. *laughs and turns around* yes what :P

  17. i have the flowers but where are you??

  18. hughs her back an d smiles

  19. as soon as i am finished unpacking my friend i will scan them but were must i sent them i got no emailadress

  20. i got trhee flowers for you hope you like them they are strange but nice i a strange way

  21. i got one flower done the second is almost ready they are great i think:)

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