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  1. Shall she ever return?

  2. I am adding to the endless pile of spam!

  3. finaly i got internet back will be online tonight :D

    1. Guest


      Can you make avatar for me?

    2. keida


      aww, but when will you be on again?

  4. happy real happy birthday and many many happy years *hughs*
  5. iam back you all soon there is a partyyyyyyyyyyy be ready :D

  6. ladytwin


    a smile can travel the whole world so try it out (got no idea from who it is )
  7. al are great it is a shame that not all can win i cant vote so sory it is to hard al are to great
  8. not for me but just to help you i would like to help *winks*
  9. yes she is windy is looks like a queen so beutifull
  10. welcome to the best game ever i hope to see you soon in the game and my best advice is simple just have fun
  11. got not mush to say yoshi this news is taking all the thinks out of my head and leaves nothing more then the wish that you will be fine. i will pray and wish all the best and that it will be ok again
  12. happy birthday yoshi *gives a big hug*
  13. iam sad to hear that two of the my friends are leaving ore taking time out just wile iam planning my time back in this game *grins* demons cant be killed that easy and soon the time is near iam back to find that two of my friends are not longer there i will miss you both
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