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  1. I am talking about accessing lands, so that means I'm asking if the other two are also accessible by storyline. Btw, the number 2 is the answer...
  2. Is it the same as Sage's keep and Champion's Dome?
  3. Maybe that was a bug. I didn't know you were Falen Angel o_O
  4. I will resurrect you

  5. *waves* hello to you too

  6. You should have asked yourself first; what is in the middle of what? The Universe is a vast space as we know it, scientists believe that the universe started with nothing, then came a single tiny thing that evloved into different things we now called planets, stars etc., this idea is being tested at CERN with their LHC (Large Hadron Collider). But I believe this is not the answer we seek, the question that Phantasm asked was, "what is in the middle between the beginning and the end where both have nothingness?", in my own thought, my answer is there was also nothing in the middle because nothing existed in the beginning and nothing will exist in the end. And if the question is about the universe and all of its components, the middle of the beginning and the end is the present itself.
  7. He ate red, and he's the God of tomatoes, and his body can adapt to what he ate bacause he's the great tomato god. OMG... Where are the disciples? O_o
  8. Devalon: Attacked Thomas Riddle TWICE in the Marble Dale Park. Devalon attacked me again for the 3rd time inside Marid's Bell.
  9. Some players told me I cannot access Necrovion, they also said that often times it opens. But I can't see the thing which resembles a pentagram on the entrance... Here:
  10. My character's name is Thomas Riddle, I have a lot to discover in this game since I find this game very unique. I hope we meet each other soon enough...
  11. Adam was cremated yesterday. I was there, outside the building, wishing that the accident did not happened at all. The death of Adam gave birth to this character I play. May he rest in eternal peace.
  12. I believe this was the last site that he visited until the accident happened. I hope you all see Adam (not his real name) in me as I continue his story when the right time comes. Thank you all for your concerns. With all due respect, Thomas.
  13. Adam passed away this morning of June 10, 2009 because of car accident in Quezon City at the age of 21. Last week he asked me to be in this game bearing this character name that he created on his story about this realm, but I didn't have the time to play such a game. In honor of him, I will continue his tale and quest and be a part of his story. He was one of my best friends ever since childhood. I may not be able to log in for 7 days in respect to his passing. Until then Adam, may god be with you.
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