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  1. Tom Marvolo Riddle... Hey, we should be a tag team!

  2. Hey there little puppy!

  3. a very lucky dog...

  4. I have found my inspiration for MD... XD

  5. *chicks I mean...

  6. Those chick are smokin' hott!

  7. You really love animals aren't you? :D

  8. Yeah Marv! Lose some brain cells by playing this......
  9. Welcome to the realm young lad. Hope to meet you in game.
  10. I hope to meet you in the realm soon. Mabuhay ka bro!

  11. I think this is a glitch. MP2 is not governed by the story mode, see, you gain additional points such as VP, VE, Attk, Def, etc. when you click your chosen principles and proceed though your story. That might be nulled because of this. Just my thought...
  12. I'll trade 5 drachorns for your name. XD

  13. I admire your rudeness and criminality...

  14. Oh... What does it look like? And what item category does it belong to?
  15. Replace it with sadeness part 1 from enigma!
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