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  1. Nailed it Pip!!! Or "The House of the French Fries Man"!!! Yaaaaaaayy!!! Hahahahahaha!!! XD
  2. We didn't get off topic. Ok back to the topic now... Opinions please! Hey Fenrir! I thought you're leaving for a moment?
  3. hello my rude witch....

  4. Yeah rashes, because you have a red neck. Is it itchy?
  5. "The Puberty Pub" or "The Pub of the Enhanted Fairies and Dragons and Vampires and Elves and Unicorns" because I often see these wonderful entities wandering in there... "RP-ing"... XD
  6. Is it possible that the Tribunal lands have some creatures of its own? I still don't know if we have fully explored it.
  7. Apologies for Amoran, as I told her 2 weeks ago that I can send my avatars right away, but we know RL, shit happens, and a lot of unexpected events are occuring. I might be able to send it 2 weeks form now as I am busy atm with both RL and MD.
  8. flower: you are too greeny! leaf: you are too smelly! flower: i'm not smelly.... leaf: yes you are! flower: haven't your mom told you not to accuse? leaf: my father does, but my mom eats cake! flower: huh???? leaf: look at the fly, it has wings right?? flower: yeah, and the camels have bumps. leaf: but the frog doesn't have wings.. flower: why?? i know that the sticks are sharp, but the moth flies leaf: yeah i know, mozilla firefox is crying. flower: i know! that's why i was colored!! do you understand??? leaf: yes. flower: good. ... ... frog: shut up you two!
  9. Nice...... let's volt in!!! super canadians are coming!!!!!!! tan-ta-ra-rann!!!
  10. you're most welcomed... ;)

  11. Uhm, I don't know how many "Eh's" I should come up, but you will see, if atleast this topic grows eh? And I am not joking, this is a sincere offer and you'll just ask someone to close this? Why? Eh?... Come on, be reasonable...
  12. I am offering my full commitment to this project.
  13. By "ban" you mean "imprisoned" Grido? I've seen the prison and it I must say, it's a paradise...
  14. Inredible stuff... I admire your artworks very much.
  15. In the philippines, your name literally means "smoke" or "cigarette"

  16. [quote name='Granos' date='30 August 2009 - 06:18 PM' timestamp='1251681518' post='40499'] Wait, wait, wait.... What Zombies.. Zer are no zombies in md... Only Werewolfs or all Lycanthropes Also what about demons or Canadians [/quote] ...Canadians eh? We should kill not only werewolves, but the un-MD entities lurking around the realm, like vampires etc, if, however they commit an unethical behaviour... Vampires in MD? *OMGWTFROFLOLOLOL* XD
  17. Happy birthday Z! And I will LOVE BOB FOREVER!!! XD
  18. [quote]I very much agree. We, all of us, should do our part in spreading the "good news" (sounds a bit evangelic to me lol).[/quote] Sounds like A.D.D. my friend... Hahahaha!
  19. I see... So I'll just go collectin' some heats XD Thanks Burns
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