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  1. [font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][i]Because I can tell a story, and Shadowseeker is right. Personally, I'm a very nice guy, but online, I am really an ass, so all apologies goes to all of you, I am truly sorry about what I have done, specially to Chewett, Czez, and Mur.

    EDIT: Oh crap didn't notice I was using this account... Well if your forgiveness needs to ban me for good in this game, then go ahead, it's fine really. I just love this game so much and I just f*cked it up, I hope you forgive me someday... :)[/i][/size][/font]

  2. That's brilliant! Power to the SUPER CANADIANS!!!

    I will officialy name the Pub: [b]TPTITTAIAAP (That Place That's In The Tribunal And Is Also A Pub)[/b]

    [i]"Come to TPTITTAIAAP (That Place That's
    In The Tribunal And Is Also A Pub)to experience
    insanity with our high quality wine! And
    don't forget to try our marinated and grilled
    Grasan steak, and boiled Knator tenderloin!
    For desserts, we have out lovely Pimped
    Grasan lollipops, Water Daimon eye candies,
    and an Elemental hard boiled egg (tastes like
    candy believe me, I've tried it)!!!

    "Open 24 hours"[/i]

    EDIT: I've edited the desserts..............

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