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  1. Yeah Death Bell, hehe... My picture is the proof that I have changed... Once I had horns, now I have halo

  2. Oooh oooh your joke really pissed me off, I'm reallt scared Zalabar don't do it again or else I might tell my mom... *shakes*

    That must be a great accomplishment for you, I'm happy for you Mr. Sensitivity, congratulations...

    Someone please award this loser here for pissing me off. XD Such a freakin' cry baby...

  3. It depends on your crits Ren...
  4. No. Just tryin' to help. I'm a very helpful guy you know...
  5. Check the LHO's at the Paper Cabin. I hope this helps...
  6. Who? Who's my enemy???

  7. hello my rude witch....

  8. you're most welcomed... ;)

  9. In the philippines, your name literally means "smoke" or "cigarette"

  10. Happy birthday Z! And I will LOVE BOB FOREVER!!! XD
  11. Peta jokes? How about those?

  12. Welcome Maddy! Welcome to the bunny empire in advance!
  13. Terrorist! (yeah i'm a racist)

  14. For the great Princess of Necrovion, I give you a present from Oblivion... Happy Birthday my Princess.

  15. Because he's a Death Ray...

  16. Good day my lady...

  17. You look like Coach Freddie Roach... Hmmm... *bows and pray*

  18. Yeah you're right... Best thing you can do is to show your pet your utmost love for them before their time comes. Yeah I'm a PETA member... XD

  19. He already loves the game, he's an MP4 now with Medusa ceremonial armor series, a Sun God helm, and 3 Imperials... Anyways I hope you really enjoyed the game..
  20. Batman told me... XD

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