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  1. Yeah Death Bell, hehe... My picture is the proof that I have changed... Once I had horns, now I have halo

  2. [font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][i]Because I can tell a story, and Shadowseeker is right. Personally, I'm a very nice guy, but online, I am really an ass, so all apologies goes to all of you, I am truly sorry about what I have done, specially to Chewett, Czez, and Mur. EDIT: Oh crap didn't notice I was using this account... Well if your forgiveness needs to ban me for good in this game, then go ahead, it's fine really. I just love this game so much and I just f*cked it up, I hope you forgive me someday... [/i][/size][/font]
  3. Oooh oooh your joke really pissed me off, I'm reallt scared Zalabar don't do it again or else I might tell my mom... *shakes*

    That must be a great accomplishment for you, I'm happy for you Mr. Sensitivity, congratulations...

    Someone please award this loser here for pissing me off. XD Such a freakin' cry baby...

  4. It depends on your crits Ren...
  5. Okay here it goes... I must confess, that my loneliness is killing me now, don't you know I still believe? That you will be here? And give me a sign? Hit me baby one more time...
  6. Yeah I saw him bloom once. I think that's not leaves though.
  7. I'm happy to see this thread growing. So many responded!!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!
  8. No. Just tryin' to help. I'm a very helpful guy you know...
  9. Check the LHO's at the Paper Cabin. I hope this helps...
  10. I adore fries! I even make a shake out of it! FRENCH FRIES FROSTIES!!! Yum yum!!!
  11. That's brilliant! Power to the SUPER CANADIANS!!! I will officialy name the Pub: [b]TPTITTAIAAP (That Place That's In The Tribunal And Is Also A Pub)[/b] [i]"Come to TPTITTAIAAP (That Place That's In The Tribunal And Is Also A Pub)to experience insanity with our high quality wine! And don't forget to try our marinated and grilled Grasan steak, and boiled Knator tenderloin! For desserts, we have out lovely Pimped Grasan lollipops, Water Daimon eye candies, and an Elemental hard boiled egg (tastes like candy believe me, I've tried it)!!! "Open 24 hours"[/i] EDIT: I've edite
  12. I do love fries, what makes you think that I don't?
  13. Or to the TPTITTAIAA, I think there's a pole in there...
  14. Uh... Not a spoiler... It supposed to be funny though...
  15. No Pam, that is totally great, no one ever did that before. Assira, if you do please enter the Labyrinth then turn ... err: Sorry, just read the next message from awiiya, so your directions got lost.
  16. OMG... Oh wait! I have avery good idea! How about we name it "The MagicDuel Pub"? Sounds good?
  17. C'mon you guys... Let's not spam this wonderful thread of mine. Hey how come you love fries Pip?
  18. Well, can you dance on the middle of the Labyrinth? I'd like to see you dance in there. If you do just let me know because I might like it.
  19. I wonder why Bob doesn't have leaves. Is it always Fall in the realm? Gosh it must be so cold in there...
  20. Okay... So, do you have any questions? Cause if you do I can't answer it.
  21. Who? Who's my enemy???

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