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    Puzzles, Tricky Questions, Guessing, and Deductions

    pretty much everything in MD.. but since it's still developing, some may find that ridiculous xD
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    Xiizu Hatsuichi

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  1. is perplexed with the complexity of advanced calculus — . —

    1. Chewett


      whats confusing about integrating ln(x)?

    2. lightsage


      Graphic calculator at exam ftw!

  2. hmmm...was just browsing through and i thought the names familiar. i found out im ingame with you on the same location at the same moment im browsing :) also found out you made Shem's avy - saw it on your multiply link.

    nice job filo!

  3. hello there, lazy one. :)

  4. i'm looking for one that has atleast 120 age after transfer please. replies on both in-game and forum are welcome. will accept lowest offer
  5. finally got what she wanted x3 nuuu...

  6. do i have to say it?
  7. i'll be waiting for you to come back online at YiM as always try to not fail me. >.>
  8. Whats your favourite flavour?

  9. come out come out wherever u are ;)

  10. [quote name='dst' date='28 April 2010 - 04:04 PM' timestamp='1272441891' post='58779'] I am surprised on how you, the researchers and users of old lore, haven't found out who killed Marind yet . That says a lot about your skills, i guess... And with the lack of skills comes ignorance. And to cover that you cling to something that gives you stability (although it is an apparent stability given by lack of information). So I guess I understand why everybody shouts that banning old lore was the worst move possible. To be honest, until maybe a week ago I never have fully read the story. Or I did but in diagonal (skipping parts and reading few words in a phrase etc). That was of great help because I was not dragged into the "ancient lore hysteria". Now, let it go. In 2 years that I have been playing I learned to trust Mur's decisions even if at first they seem chaotic, they make no sense, they seem unfair etc etc. Have some faith people! [/quote] he wouldn't "preserve" such info for 5 years for nothing.
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