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  1. I can code but my coding abilities have been rusted for a dozen of years so .. Not sure How I could help you out.
  2. But if the quest has a filter of player names who started the quest, the pickable clickies would only be visible to the ones that started the quest and not the others.
  3. Adventuring Award: Nimrodel ( But since I'm not allowed to vote her being on the same land then nobody) Best Beautification : Lazarus Champion Fighter: MRAlyon ( Oh wait .. not allowed that either .. cancel that ) Fossil of the year: stavaroiu Helper of the Year: Mya Celestia Most Addicted: darkraptor Most Popular: darkraptor Outstanding Service to MD: darkraptor Prime Quest: lashtal Rookie of the year: Lanaya Top Techie: Chewet.
  4. So that leaves me with 6 ! Ah, Amber posted before me. OK, that leave me with 1 :(
  5. Well, I kind of already broke last rule. But it was before reading this. I had no idea. Will try to do my best next time.
  6. Replying back gonza. Thanks Nim. I posted on his thread.
  7. I'm interested in one for me if you have the time . Let me know how to proceed.
  8. I have a pimp, a UP and a TS for sale . The Angien I don't think you can afford so we better leave that one out. How much for each ?
  9. Ok, then could you show me YOUR style ?:)
  10. I just won the gold avatar token. I feel my current avatar isn't going to work with that. Therefore I need someone to draw one up for me which would go great with the golden option. I like Lazarus works but he seems offline if anybody can do that style Send me a PM to discuss my exact desires. I am willing to pay coins for the service.
  11. *MasterB* 2GCs + 1SC. Edit: Just one question: Has the item any expiring period ? I mean: Can I use the item 500 days AFTER i received it ?
  12. I didn't plan to OUTbid you, just if anyone sells 2 Aramours OR another sellers comes by
  13. Yeah I thought placing 2nd place in a Quest would garantuee me an Aramour but it seems not. SO: I'm forced to buy one as well. Can I use your thread as well Lighty or Do i have to make a new one ?
  14. Also PMed you my entry, I would need a response please
  15. I'm sorry I couldn't dress up my pet in a Drachorn costume ... not that he/she needs any costume to look like a drachorn but I trained him/her as a Vicious ANIMAL ) And I would get injured if I would try to dress him up ... so This is the best I could do: [img]http://s13.postimg.org/wu6vpqf87/Green_Zilla_MD.jpg[/img]
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